BMW Car Rental Dubai: Procedures in Case of an Accident or Breakdown


Renting a BMW car in Dubai provides an exceptional driving experience, allowing you to explore the city and its surroundings with style and luxury. However, it’s important to be prepared for unexpected situations such as accidents or breakdowns during the rental period. In this post, we will guide you through the procedures to follow in case of an accident or breakdown while renting a BMW car in Dubai.

Prioritize Safety:

In the event of an accident or breakdown, the first and foremost concern should be the safety of yourself and your passengers. Move the vehicle to a safe location if possible, such as the side of the road or a designated parking area, and activate hazard lights to alert other drivers.


Assess the Situation:


Once you are in a safe location, assess the situation and determine the extent of the damage or the nature of the breakdown. Stay calm and avoid further risks by keeping a safe distance from traffic.


Contact Emergency Services:


In case of a serious accident or if anyone is injured, immediately call the emergency services in Dubai by dialing 999. Inform them about the location, the number of people involved, and any other relevant details. Follow their instructions and cooperate fully.


Notify the Car Rental Company:


Contact the BMW car rental Dubai as soon as possible to inform them about the accident or breakdown. Follow their instructions on the next steps to take. The company’s contact information should be readily available in the rental agreement or provided to you during the car pickup process.


Document the Incident:


While waiting for assistance, document the incident by taking photos of the accident scene or the condition of the vehicle if it’s a breakdown. This evidence may be required for insurance purposes or to support your case during the claims process.


Exchange Information:


If involved in an accident, exchange necessary information with other parties involved, such as their names, contact details, and insurance information. Additionally, note down the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved, the location of the incident, and any witness contact information.


Follow Rental Company’s Instructions:


The BMW car rental company will provide specific instructions on how to proceed. They may arrange for a tow truck, send a replacement vehicle, or guide you through the claims process if necessary. It is crucial to follow their instructions to ensure a smooth resolution.


Complete Required Documentation:


The rental company will require you to complete any necessary accident or incident reports. Provide accurate and detailed information about the incident, adhering to the specified timeline. This documentation is vital for insurance claims and settling any disputes that may arise.


Insurance Coverage:


Ensure that you have a clear understanding of your insurance coverage when renting a BMW car in Dubai. Review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and consult with the rental company to confirm the extent of your coverage in case of accidents or breakdowns.


Follow Legal Requirements:


Adhere to the legal requirements set by the local authorities in Dubai. This includes reporting accidents to the police within 24 hours and obtaining a police report if necessary. Failure to comply with legal obligations may result in complications during insurance claims or legal proceedings.


Roadside Assistance Services:


Discuss the availability of roadside assistance services provided by the BMW car rental company in Dubai. Explain how these services can help in case of a breakdown, including services like tire changes, jump-starts, fuel delivery, and towing. Provide information on how to request assistance and any associated costs or coverage.


Insurance Claims Process:


Provide a step-by-step guide on navigating the insurance claims process after an accident. Explain the necessary documentation, such as police reports, accident reports, and any other supporting evidence. Describe how to file a claim with the rental company’s insurance provider and outline the typical timeline for claim resolution.


Rental Company’s Customer Support:


Highlight the importance of effective communication with the BMW car rental company’s customer support team. Discuss the channels available for contacting them, such as phone, email, or online chat. Emphasize the significance of prompt reporting of accidents or breakdowns and the rental company’s role in guiding customers through the necessary procedures.




While renting a BMW car in Dubai offers an unparalleled driving experience, it’s essential to be prepared for accidents or breakdowns. Prioritize safety, follow the necessary procedures, and promptly inform the BMW car rental company in Dubai. By staying calm, documenting the incident, and cooperating with the rental company, you can navigate through these challenging situations smoothly and ensure a swift resolution. Remember to review your insurance coverage and comply with legal requirements to protect yourself and others involved. Enjoy your BMW car rental experience in Dubai with peace of mind!

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