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YouTube videos are very addictive. You can find yourself spending hours just scrolling and watching videos on YouTube. YouTube videos are the best source of entertainment for millions of people. It is the second most popular video platform in comparison to others with 2.5 billion users globally as per DataReportal.

So have you imagined how much it will benefit you if you Embed YouTube videos on websites? It has been seen that displaying YouTube videos on the website has increased its dwelling time and it has also brought good traffic to the website. As per the reports of Wyzowl, videos have helped 87% of marketers bring increased website traffic. And which has helped 83% of the markets in generating leads. You should add this method to your marketing strategy. It is a common misconception among people that the process can be difficult for them.

Thus, to give you a smooth experience with your embedding process there are lots of tools in the market. However, choosing the best tool can be a little difficult. To make it easy for you this blog will tell you about some of the excellent embedding tools.

Keep yourself hooked to this blog to learn about the tools.

Tools You Need To Embed YouTube Videos

Save your time by embedding YouTube videos on your website with any of the below-curated lists of tools that fit you best. Each of the tools has its owspecial feature and pricing that has also been discussed which will help you to choose the best to power your requirements.

Let’s delve into the tools one by one.

1. Tagembed

Kicking off the list with Tagembed is one of the best aggregator tools in the market. It allows users to curate, collect, and display feeds from 20+ social media platforms on your website seamlessly including YouTube videos. The main aim of this robust tool is to enhance the engagement of the visitors to the website, bring conversion, and build visible social proof. This will help you boost the traffic of your website and that too free of cost.

It offers various options to collect your YouTube video into a widget. As per your content, you can collect YouTube videos from channel URLs, playlists, keywords, or locations. After collecting the videos you can design your widget with its various customization options. For example, you can modify the theme, font, design, and layout of the display as per your website preference style to create an appealing widget.

Additionally, after embed YouTube channel on the website it offers you background support that will provide smart analytics which help you to measure the performance of the widget as well.

Features and services

  • Engaging customers by aggregating attractive content on the website.
  • Smart analytics helped the customers in monitoring the performance of the widget.
  • Auto update content helped customers save their time.
  • Filter moderation option helps customers cut out irrelevant content.
  • Dashboard helped users in creating interactive widget using the best customization features.
  • The multi-user collaboration helped in aggregating content from different social networks in one place.
  • Approval process control has helped increase ROI, and productivity, improve transparency and trust etc.


Tagembed offers its users with the best pricing options. Lite, Basic, Pro, and Plus are the four pricing options. Lite is a free-of-cost option that anyone can use to explore the tool. And the other pricing options are targeted for specific industries which range from $19 per month to $59 per month.


The second embedding tool in the list is which is very easy to use and offers various features to the users. Create an attractive widget for your social media feeds and display it on the website however you want.

Not only your social media feeds you can also embed YouTube videos on websites effortlessly by collecting them in a widget and customizing it as per your preference style. It can automatically update the feeds of your website without any extra effort that will engage your visitors.

Features and services

  • Schedule posts help to save time by automatically scheduling the posts.
  • Filters keywords help the users to collect content accordingly.
  • Manage content by keeping them updated from time to time.
  • Manage multiple accounts to showcase the best photos, videos, and posts from popular social media networks.

Pricing offers users with three pricing options. Businesses can choose any of the plans as per their requirement. Starter, professional, and enterprise are the three pricing targeting different industries. Prices start from $55 per month to $250 per month. The enterprise plan offers customizable prices as per the unique requirements of the businesses.


Another cool aggregator tool on the list is Social Feed by But it not only aggregates social media feeds, it also offers you the option of collecting all the interactive YouTube videos in one place. After collecting them you can seamlessly embed YouTube videos on the website.

It has a customization section where you can design your widget. It also provides you with options like how often you want to update the embedded YouTube videos, the number of videos you want to embed, and many other options.

However, doesn’t let you rearrange the order of the YouTube videos. The videos will be displayed on the website according to the arrangement it will take at the time of uploading.

Features and services

  • Online store builder, helps to build an online store on a website.
  • Newsletter management is an important activity for Email marketing.
  • Import and export content helps in displaying and editing the imported and exported content lists.
  • Surveys help to optimize the survey response rate.


Three pricing options has Starter, Pro, and Business. Its price ranges from $4.49 per month to $44.99 per month. You can pay yearly or monthly and there will be a little fluctuation in its price depending on the plan you are choosing.

  1. Juicer

The fourth aggregator tool for embedding YouTube videos on websites seamlessly is Juicer. It is quite a well-known and excellent tool that can collect content from over 15 platforms. It lets users personalize the embedded code and the URL of the profile for directly embedding the YouTube videos on the website; this is a special feature of Juicer.

Users can easily sign in to a Juicer account. The Juicer dashboard very quickly and easily lets you create a widget for your feeds and embed code.

It also has features as others like, it can aggregate content, customize it, and moderate it. You can moderate the collected contents as well.

Features and service

  • Can gather content using hashtags.
  • Can moderate your social media content in just one click.
  • Design an attractive widget to be displayed on the website.
  • Collaborate with various social media platforms to collect content.


It also has three pricing options. Medium, large, and enterprise range starts from $19 to $199 per month. Pick the plan that fits you best.

In The End

YouTube is the most entertaining platform. Viewers get access to a diverse variety of videos on YouTube that too for free. And you have the option to embed YouTube videos on websites to engage your visitors.

This article has covered some of the tools that have the best features and prices. Now that you know about them, choose the tool that best fits your budget and requirements. Brings the best result to your business.

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