A wide selection of bathroom fittings and accessories

The beauty of water in your bathroom:

Our products stand out for superior design, features, and comfort. Someone rightly said that the environment of your bathroom reflects your lifestyle. The color of the bathroom and the accessories used in it show how easily you are molding yourself in today’s era. Our products are nothing short of adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Our products provide style, feel-good, and an oasis of elegance to your bathroom. Our designs are ahead of time and deliver high quality. Exceptional comfort and outstanding functionality are our hallmarks. For a long time, we have been the ones who are giving you a new way of using water in your bathroom.

Comfort, Style & Elegance Guaranteed:

Our range of products for bathrooms is immense. To make your bathroom look exotic, we offer a wide range of Bathroom Accessories and Fittings, including showers, faucets, thermostatic mixers, and much more. To give your bathroom an even more royalistic look, we offer some products that will add exclusivity to your bathroom. We believe in providing exclusive, genre-oriented, and opulent bathroom accessories. We take pride in being the best at offering one-of-a-kind and futuristically crafted bathroom accessories to our customers, their tastes, and our expertise. When it comes to safety, our products fully meet the safety guidelines. We are the pioneers of the future of design.


We are considered to be the leading trendsetters in the industry. For six decades, we have been adding more beauty to our industry daily, and it is this beauty that adds exclusivity to your bathroom. None of our customers is ordinary. We believe in excellence, and it has always been our endeavor to keep our customers at the forefront of excellence. We are known for being a premium room accessories brand; we strive to provide our customers with Bathroom Accessories Sets that make them feel special in their bathrooms. We have every bathroom accessory available, but our shower and tap products are known worldwide for providing safety, beauty, and a difference. Mixing innovative technologies in the bathroom environment

Best Fit:

Our products are tailored to fit every bathroom. Any small or big product pays attention to research and keeps a close watch on the trends in the world. We have research and creative minds, which are enough to bring innovation to the market and grab the customers’ attention. We focus on innovation, ease of use, sharpness, and quality. After choosing our products for your bathroom, just think about taking a shower; then, at the touch of a button, the water source or jet type you want will be available to give you a comfortable shower. We use Airpower technology for the showers, which harnesses the air to create gentle droplets. Not just efficient usage, but our products in the Eco Smart Flow range also help in saving up to 60% of water consumption. And speaking of technology, with the fusion of QuickClean and the rapid anti-limescale function, you just apply a gentle scrub on the tap and shower head, and you’re back to a pleasant shower of water in no time. No compromise on quality and environmental protection.


While our products assure you of durable quality and environmental protection, the sustainability of our products and climate protection is also a part of our priorities. We use renewable energy, efficient recycling systems, and heat recovery to reduce CO2 emissions while being prepared for future changes. If you choose our exclusive range of products, you can rest assured that your products will not be affected by future changes.

We at Crystal Faucets (ARK) see ourselves as co-workers with Water, collaborating on a labor of love with this immortal element to restore the promise of abundance to the Indian User. That we have won a niche place in our clients’ hearts via our over six decades of devotion with this Aqueous Alliance speaks credence to our goal.

Through appropriate location-based designs and long-lasting performance, we seek to supply our clients with the best Bathroom accessories and Fittings Set India that deliver water in forms that delight our users. All the while, we are cognizant of our responsibilities as corporate citizens of the earth to conserve the same abundance of the element above for future generations by including implements that can control/ regulate water outflow, i.e. saving water on the one hand while boosting discharge/ flow rate if appropriate. Since its inception, ARK has been known for its product dependability, time-tested quality endurance, and commitment to servicing long after the warranty period has expired.

Written by Crystal Faucets

Welcome to CRYSTAL Sanitary FITTINGS PVT. LTD. We strive to provide our customers with the best sanitary fittings, flushing systems, bathing equipment, bathroom accessories, and sanitary essentials, that can thrive in Indian conditions of varying water pressure and salinity.

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