A Literature Rack to Store All Your Materials

Part of a trade show is marketing yourself and your business, leaving the people who stop to visit your booth with a way to remember you. That may mean you have a handout or a flyer or other paperwork that you want to give to people.

The organization is a huge part of maintaining a trade show booth. You want to have a place for everything and give your presentation a clean look, so people trust you as a business.

You should make a Literature Rack part of your trade show exhibit. Here are a few reasons why you need to get one and add it to your display.

Safely Store Materials – Picture this scenario: you have someone interested in your product and wants more information. You had handouts printed that display the product, information about the product and your business and even a coupon code for stopping at the trade show and shopping online. This can be an effective way to get people to turn into customers. Still, if you are unorganized and grabbing handouts from all over the place, you run the risk of having them damaged from just laying on the table or being scattered randomly. A literature rack keeps everything in order so that you can give each person a neat and clean handout right from the beginning, continuing a sophisticated presentation.

Use It As A Kiosk – You don’t need to have all of your literature right next to you to hand out to people. You can leave it in the corner of the exhibit where visitors can access, and they can take information even if they don’t see your presentation. It allows visitors who may be serious about your business to get the data instead of placing it in their hands whether they want it or not.

Use at Home – A literature rack can also be very portable, so you can break down and take it home after every show. When you are at home or in the office, put it to use. You can store some of your important files or use the rack to keep office supplies handy. The best trade show materials are ones that you can repurpose.

When you shop for any materials or supplies to be used at a trade show, you certainly want it to be quality. That’s where TradeShowPlus comes in. TradeShowPlus is a leader in trade show supplies and custom printing, with over 2500 products in stock and custom graphics available for every item. It is the perfect way to get your brand and message out there for everyone who visits the trade show.

Put the finishing touches on your exhibit and get a literature display to store the things you need for those who visit. Find everything you need among the vast selection that TradeShowPlus has to offer. Call us and speak to someone on our team at 800-419-3561 or send an email to [email protected] and get the help you need to put your exhibit over the top.

Written by Traci Wingfield

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