8 Netflix Shows That Law Students Must Watch Before Writing an Assignm


If students find writing tough, then law papers must be killing them. Now you must be thinking, why? Because Law papers have few requirements that are difficult to write. Moreover, a legal paper has usually a different referencing style that makes it more complex. For example, an assignment is about conveying your message to the readers, but the law paper is not that simple. In that, one needs to go deep into complexity. It is a reason why students look for Law assignment writing services where they get assistance from experts.

But you know how you can understand this subject in a fun way? If you like to watch web series then this article will help you. So you can even watch series, which can help you to understand the subject better. In this article, you can see a few series names that can help you with the paper.

8 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Law Students

Every person likes to enjoy watching movies, it is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. It can also benefit the student in learning their subject. One can definitely watch a movie or series for education; even some instructors or professors recommend it. Every other scholar has a unique learning style, and few of them learn it through audio and video files. There is something about watching series that helps open up your mind. Many students say that it is easy to grasp information from videos. Law is a complex subject that stresses most the student, so in this section, you can get an idea of a few series that can help law students.

1. How to Get Away with Murder: This series has a story of 5 law students and their defence professors who get involved in a twisted murder that changes their lives. All boys get entangled in a suspicious murder plot that shakes their university. The body of a fellow student named Lila was found in a water tank, and many were considered suspects. Professor was one among them, but at last, it was declared that Lila was killed by Frank Delfino, an employee in Annelise’s firm. This movie teaches you to be around people you trust and not let your enemy get into your head.

2. Suits: No legal drama can match the level of SUITS; it is ranked the top law series on Netflix. You might have heard about it or must have read about this show. It is a story in which a brilliant young college student slips into a job interview with a legal closer Harvey Specter, who is tired of doing work, so he hires Mike for his work. Mike was a genius and was known for his work. This series teaches that making mistakes is fine, and mentortship is important. If you do something wrong, it will affect you in future.

3. Scandal: It is a story of a communication director of the white house who starts her crisis management and realises that her clients are not the only ones with secrets. When anyone falls into trouble, they call only one person, Olivia Pope. She was a professional who used to fix the problems of others before anyone knew about it. For everyone, Olivia is a legend in what she does. She was so free and helpful to others that for others she caused damage to her own life. Olivia and her team sleep, live, and breathe the crisis. Every day they make sure to help people with their problems. In this series students can learn about loyalty, no one is perfect, and be helpful as much as possible.

4. The Trial: It is a story where a group of characters is involved in the brutal murder of a 17-year-old girl. The twist comes when a wealthy woman gets accused in this case and defended by the ambitious criminal lawyer Ruggero Barone. Despite Linda constantly denying that she was guilty, at last, accepted that she and Elena collaboratively planned this and, outraged by Angela’s taunting, Linda pushed her. So basically, this series has a lot of suspense and thriller, which is interesting.

5. The Staircase: In December 2001, 48-year-old lady Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the staircase in her home. After this incident happened, her husband called the police and reported the death. The autopsy of the lady said that she died by homicide due to trauma. After this, his husband was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. As for the series, it was claimed that Kathleen came to know about his husband’s affair, and this led to Michael killing Kathleen. Though Peterson always claimed he didn’t kill his wife, the court allowed him for his innocence. In the end, it was not clear what exactly happened to Kathleen.

6. You Don’t Know Me: This is a story of a young man from South London charged with the murder of his friend. The evidence against him says that he has done the crime. Despite this, one of his lawyers decided what was in his best interest, and he chose to tell his own story in his words. His story is about the woman he loves who got herself in trouble and how the lawyer risked his life to save her. He said a thousand time that he is innocent, but in the end, the thing that matter is who believes his story.

7. When They See Us: There are some stories which are important to be told, even if it is heartbreaking. The plot centres on five teenagers who were wrongly charged with assaulting a jogger; as a result, their lives become a nightmare. All of them were presented in court for a crime they didn’t even do. In the end, Korey, one of 5 boys, served the longest sentence. He spent 11.5 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, and others were sent to juvenile prison. After serving several years in jail, all five boys were out of jail and settled in New York.

8. The Confession Tapes: This series is based on true crime where various criminal cases are investigated, and the people use to confess their real reason. Each episode dives into a new story, and there could be other circumstances for the same events. This show gives the best opportunity about the various court cases that were never come into the limelight by the media. These series give students insight into different types of cases that can benefit them with their subject.

Seeing a series or movie can teach too much about how the law works. So a law student can learn a lot by watching it. However, these few series are for law students, so they must watch them before writing assignments. Still, if any of you feel there is a need for Law assignment help, then you can take help from the experts. They write comprehensive and original work that adds up additional knowledge.

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