7 Basic Tips All Mercedes Owners Should Know

Congratulations to all the newcomers for owning their dream car, Mercedes. Bringing the luxurious beast home is an achievement. But the quest doesn’t end here. The more upscale car you drive, the more precaution and attention it needs. There are numerous measures you need to take to make the investment worth every penny. And don’t get disheartened if your Mercedes demands replacement, there are few online websites that deliver the best quality used Mercedes engine for sale.

To reap the utmost comfort of the Mercedes, the followings are a few tips & tricks that need to be performed religiously.

Reason for On Engine Light

This is the fundamental way to know if your Mercedes is asking for your help. It has been observed that lots of drivers ignore it if they see an engine light is on. Until their Mercedes stops midway, they won’t consider it taking to the mechanic. The turned-on engine light is a signal sent by your Mercedes to let you know that it’s time you should visit a nearby car servicing shop. No need to panic! You can troubleshoot yourself by checking the engine light. The mechanic will read the fault code and fix the issue for free.

The Battery is the Most Integral Part

Mercedes cars have state-of-the-art equipment and electronics installed in them. This is the reason they are sensitive to the battery voltage. Batteries that are aged more than 5 years might be incapacitated to hold the required charge and power.  The degrading battery may lead some systems and control units in your Mercedes car to malfunction. Well, new Mercedes owners might get away with this issue, but they must be attentive to this fact with the passing of time.

Check the Engine Oil Levels

As per the Mercedes manufacturer, the oil interval recommended is 10,000 miles. You must try to change your engine oil before exceeding the prescribed limit. Furthermore, you must be cautious while performing 10k miles oil change. Use oils that are specially formulated for Mercedes cars. Any negligence could lead your car to some serious engine problems which surely you don’t want to risk.

Know How to Change Windshield Wipers

Changing the windshield wipers by yourself could require some extra effort. Even if you go to any local auto parts store, they might turn down your request stating that the wipers of this upscale premium car are only found at the Mercedes dealership. But this doesn’t mean that you have exhausted your options. Luckily, there are few online shops that provide genuine Mercedes wipers at an affordable cost. This can save you time, money, and energy that you would have sweated out in a garage.

Be acquainted with Windows and Sunroof Synchronization

Once the battery starts losing its power, you will notice the difficulty in operating windows and sunroof with one touch. Generally, they move an inch at a time. To sort out this issue, you need to establish a sync between the windows and the sunroof.

To perform the synchronization, you have to move the window all the way up. Don’t leave the switch, continue pressing it for 5 sec more until you hear a click sound. The same process is followed for the sunroof, and you will successfully get your windows and sunroof synched.

Understand the Jump Start Technique During Emergencies

It’s often observed that many drivers experience electrical problems after jump-starting the car. This happens when they don’t go by the rule book of Mercedes manufacturers. Whenever, you have to jump-start your car, keep the jumper cables connected for at least 10 minutes or more. The more convenient option is to use a trickle charger to slowly charge the battery and bring it to the normal operational level. Whenever you can squeeze time, connect a 12-volt trickle charger to the battery and leave it to charge for a few hours.

Always Look for a Reputed Mechanic 

Before handing over your prized possession, you must ensure that they are experienced and skilled hands. It’s wise to do your homework diligently while finding a credible mechanic for your Mercedes car. Consult your friends, and family, and read reviews online to make sure that your Mercedes will be in good hands. Don’t make a hurry in finding a reliable professional, as your Mercedes deserves nothing but the best.

To be Concluded

It’s a sincere effort to aid you in maintaining your Mercedes Love for longer. The above-mentioned points will make you self-efficient in handling the complexities of high-class luxurious cars like Mercedes. Upon following these points, you could save yourself from unwanted mental and financial stress.

Always keep a roadside emergency kit in your car truck to handle any unforeseen circumstances during your trip.

In case, your Mercedes car needs an engine replacement, you can visit Used Engines Inc. for the best quality used engines at a super affordable price.

Written by Shira Erista

I'm Shira Erista, a writer, automotive enthusiast, and car nut from Southern California. I love reading about cars and writing about auto parts, used engines, motors, and transmissions. You will find me writing articles that help you learn more about your car and be a smarter shopper. I'm passionate about cars, gadgets, and all things that have to do with automobiles.

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