6 Luxurious Outdoor Elements for Your Custom Home

Do you know that outdoor living spaces add immense value to our homes? If your house is surrounded by nature, you will have ample opportunities to do up the exterior. So, when decorating the outdoor space of your custom home, your goal should be to make the area as grand and well-designed as it can be.

If you are a homeowner keen to perfect your custom home’s exteriors, you can draw inspiration from various sources. Do not forget to consult with luxury custom home builders in Vancouver to ensure that there is a seamless between the interior and the outdoor space.

So, here is what you can sneak into when turning the outdoors of your home into a haven of luxury:

  • Match the outdoors and indoors

The trend of uniting outdoors and indoors has been picking momentum for many years and it has grown extremely popular now. Think about cane furniture for the patio, lanterns hanging from the patio roof, and fireplaces as the cornerstone. If the outdoors of your home looks luxurious from the outside, you need to accentuate a similar feel indoors. The essence of styling the exteriors and interiors should be similar. First, you need to begin your discussions with Vancouver luxury home builders to create a sketch of the architectural design of the exteriors so that you can shop for things that match the styles.

  • Add texture to the exteriors

Are you keen to design your home’s exteriors to make a bold statement? Well, you should with the right mix of materials that add texture to your house. If you are planning to use stone, go for coloured stones to create a modern touch. There are several ways you can add texture to your home’s exteriors and change the curb appeal. For a traditional look, wooden textures are equally attractive and presentable as you can rely on different species of wood and go on adding layers to change the bland facades.

  • Nature is the essence

With environmental concerns growing across the world, custom home builders in Vancouver are also into creating green homes not only from the inside but on the exterior as well. So, if your house is located in an urban area, make sure you have plants growing in the outdoor living space, or maybe add a small kitchen garden, if you have space.

Try to get clay pots in different colours to match the home’s décor and style. Choose herbs for the potted plants and use green climbers for the windows. Alternatively, you can also let the climbers grow from the ground up into the roof. Overall, the idea should be to have floral plants and greenery surrounding your custom home so to add richness and style to the exteriors.

  • Add a water feature

A water feature in your custom home’s outdoors may mean the ultimate luxurious element. So, you can add a small stream-like feature with a wooden bridge on the top or install a small fountain to make your house look truly luxurious. But if you are living in a colder region and averse to adding a water feature, add a fire pit outdoors and turn it into a fine entertainment area.

Add to it a barbeque and enjoy cooking with your family and friends as much as you want. Why don’t you discuss with the construction companies to know where to install the water feature or the fire pit? Roadhouse Homes are one of the most reputed names in the luxury home-building industry and have been creating luxury dwelling places for years. You can trust them to add grandeur to your home’s exteriors.

  • Designer seating areas

How about those small wooden benches in the outdoors to add a special touch to your home’s exteriors? You can have designer seating areas in the backyard or on the deck to make your home’s exteriors different yet luxurious.

  • Change the lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features of exterior décor and you need not just focus on the age-old lighting options but pick from modern-day accent lights depending on the architectural style of your house.

Your home’s exterior should be as charming and attractive as the exterior. So, you need to pick the best styling materials, lighting, and beautiful landscaping to make your living space truly luxurious. Take a look at these exterior styling options to make the exteriors breath taking and add to it the visual appeal you have always wanted to let your home count among luxury custom homes in Vancouver that you take pride in.

Written by Kylie Rogers

I am Kylie Rogers a famous blogger who loves to write home building and home renovation services in Vancouver. Through my work one will get to know about building and renovating different types of home.

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