5 Ways to Integrate POS with eCommerce

A Point of Sale (POS) is a system where your clients pay for the items in a retail store. It happens to be a location where orders will be processed, the checkout will be taking place, and bills will be paid. It offers a way of monitoring and managing your products, purchasers, and orders on a single platform in real-time.

The integration of the POS software with CRM allows the staff members to quickly verify customer details and update them. It will be possible to develop innovative sales strategies for the customers according to the purchase history and interests.

Below, we have mentioned several reasons why it is essential to integrate your POS with your e-commerce solution.

1. Eliminate manual entry of data

In case you happen to be like many of the other retailers, you might be operating your e-commerce site separately from your POS. However, this will not be appropriate for you to do. Issues can creep up when systems are not going to cooperate. Problems like not having adequate time for managing several systems and having lots of errors within the structures. including product descriptions or images, transferring inventory, or combining reports between different systems.

It would be great if you’d be able to reduce your errors and post items quickly to your site with only a few clicks within your POS. Moreover, it would be fantastic if it was feasible to manage your inventory better for your website and your store in a single place. This will be possible if advanced eCommerce POS integration is possible by your POS application, which will enable you to manage your POS and website as a single system.

Once it is feasible to achieve eCommerce POS integration, you will set up automated purchase orders with the vendors, who will help to get rid of manual workload and enhance the overall restocking time. Once it is possible to reach a maximum or minimum level, your system will create and send POS automatically to the vendor.

It will also be feasible to save a considerable amount of time by dispatching automated email campaigns depending on the CRM information collected from your store and website sales. This integration of POS and eCommerce will provide you with a comprehensive picture of how your clients’ shop will enable you to structure and enhance your promotional technique in a better manner.

2. Available real-time inventory

It will be possible to operate more effectively while managing your website inventory and store inventory within a single integrated e-commerce and POS development solution. You will be able to quickly and easily transfer merchandise between different stores, from any store to your site, or a store from your web inventory using real-time and shared inventory for warehouse, stores, and web.

Stay away from angry clients and out of stocks – once a product will be sold on your web or in your store, it will be reflected in your database in real-time. You will be able to easily monitor store levels and get real-time reporting, which will help you transfer merchandise as required. In case there are several locations, and any of those locations is suffering from a low supply of any particular product, it is possible to perform inter-store transfers.

Your inventory can be replenished depending on the preset maximum and minimum values. Your POS will send PO’s automatically for the purchase items depending on those maximum and minimum settings. Your order will be satisfied with your vendor accordingly. The POS will do all the work. You simply have to figure out the maximum elementary levels.

3. Provide customer incentives and cross channel promotions

Cross channel promotions provide different strategic ways for expanding the customer base and boosting your sales. We are aware of the significance of cross-channel messaging. Therefore, it is imperative to have a digital system that allows coupons, pricing, gift cards, and loyalty rewards to be redeemed online and in-store through a solution providing smooth integration of e-commerce and POS.

It will be possible to set up pricing, and therefore, once there is any modification in the price, it will be reflected. It will be possible to accrue and redeem loyalty points online as well as in-store. It will also be possible to handle promotions and coupons easily without relying on the POS employees to enter discounts manually since it can slow down the register in the long run. The process will be streamlined significantly by integrating e-commerce and POS while enhancing the customers’ shopping experience.

4. Provide pickups and in-store returns

The majority of the shoppers like their order to be delivered within a couple of days, and an increasing number like to pick their orders up within a couple of hours. You might have observed that Walmart and several other big-box retailers are using their store locations to fulfill online orders. It will also be possible to use this fulfillment model by merely integrating your e-commerce store with your POS.

Enabling your clients to buy items online plus pickup in-store will offer them more delivery options in the long run. It will be a sensible idea to include a store locator on your site, depicting inventory availability in every single store out there. Converting your stock room into a fulfillment center will reduce expenses, decrease times for delivery, and improve the experience of the customers.

5. Leverage your present clients

It is a fact that your best customers will be those who will be shopping through several channels. Multichannel shoppers happen to be the most loyal customers out there. On most occasions, they will be reviewing your products on your site and post orders on social media. You require these types of customers in the contemporary business world. The time is proper for you to merge your online presence with your store operations and make the cross channel promotions more effective while increasing customer retention and brand loyalty.

Shoppers can be targeted by automated email campaigns depending on their interests, purchasing patterns, and brand preferences. Ensure personalized campaigns that will drive your customers to your website or physical store or both depending on their previous behaviors and demographics. These sorts of cross channel messages will enhance brand loyalty and the overall satisfaction of the customers.


Written by Prabhu S

I’m Prabhu and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer for Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. Rlogical is fastest growing web and mobile app development company in India.

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