5 Tips to Improve Your Improve Website User Experience

To make websites more user-friendly marketers should put more emphasis on people over machines. The website must be able to accommodate visitors at all phases of the funnel, include user-intention-driven navigation, have an efficient search engine on the site, and the content that is simple to read.

The user experience (UX) can be described as the main focus of design for products, regardless of whether it’s a website or mobile application, or another. Although it is evident that UX is crucial to design and development, certain UX designers are still battling many misconceptions about the subject. The reality is that when your UX design resonates with the target market the product is able to flourish and develops.

So, what do you need to do to enhance the experience of users on your site? Consider working with an agency that offers UX Design services. Here’s what you should be aware of.

1. Make the Most of White Space The Correct Way

There may be white space on your site as unutilized real property. In the end, shouldn’t all empty spaces contain ads or other offerings? That’s why clients and design services for user experience frequently clash.

2. Know the metrics of websites to determine the best strategy

First, utilize an application like Decibel to assess your website’s metrics.

This will help you decide what you need to do with UX design. For instance, take a look through your website’s Services page.

How many visitors are on this particular page? How long are they at this site?

If the value isn’t high this means you must implement UX design as shown on this page.

3. Improve Your Page Speed

Have you ever been frustrated by the slow loading of websites? Have you? It’s among the most frustrating experiences that a web-based user could face. People expect websites to load swiftly and for the content to be displayed within the quick blink of an eye. If pages load too slowly users are likely to bounce. It is essential that you increase your page’s speed to load in less than five seconds. Research suggests that an additional five seconds of load time can increase your site’s total bounce rate to 20 percent. We’re not interested!

4. Do not annoy your guests.

So far all of our suggestions have been focused on things you must take care of. However, it’s equally important to talk about the things you should avoid whenever you’re dealing with web design as well as the user interface.

Visitors to websites are subjected to autoplay, pop-ups, and another information overload to the degree that they feel more comfortable when a website does not make the mistake of implementing these irritating features.

When creating your website’s design avoid obstructions, wall-to-wall text backgrounds, music, and videos that automatically play. These elements certainly do not help users feel comfortable.

5. Use without effort

Your customers must navigate your website with ease. It is possible to make this happen in a variety of ways including:

  • The scrolling is restricted, whether it’s vertical or horizontal
  • Facilitating your users to complete their tasks, like taking an action with a few clicks
  • Do not ask users to fill out long, unnecessary forms.
  • Ensuring that users can recognize links and call-to-action buttons quickly
  • Highlighting new arrivals or other important items or services on your site to ensure that your regular visitors can access them quickly

The Takeaway

A website cannot be an absolute failure. Just look at your website from the perspective of your customers. Strive to build a website that is quick, appealing authentic, and simple. If you’re not sure how is best to accomplish or even where you can begin seek out an expert user experience design expert and let them do your site for you!

Written by Bhavik Sadhu

I am working as a business analyst at the most reputable and established Web and Mobile App Development company - TechAvidus.

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