5 Reasons why Vitrified Tiles have Gained so much Popularity

Looking for the greatest tiles to decorate the floors or walls of your home? There are many different types of tiles in the market, and each one has pros and cons of its own. It is possible to choose any tile by determining your needs and specific variables that assist in choosing the correct tile for your home.

However, vitrified tiles have been dominating the market lately. Customers or distributors may be looking for these tiles for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the wide range of options this design offers, vitrified flooring tiles now dominate other tile designs on the market. Are you still debating whether to purchase the best type of vitrified tile?

In this blog, you will understand various explanations for why vitrified floor and wall tiles are so popular in the market by scrolling down.

Reasons for Choosing Vitrified tiles

1) prime quality:

Vitrified flooring tiles are undoubtedly among the highest-quality tiles available. The best raw materials were used in their design, and they typically have a water absorption capacity of up to 5%. The consistency of natural stones like granite and marble is poor, while wooden floors require excessive upkeep. On the other hand, vitrified flooring tiles are created using sophisticated equipment that results in tiles that are uniform in performance, colour, and size. The double-charged vitrified floor tiles, which are very strong and durable, are the best example of high-quality tiles for vitrified flooring. And because of this, vitrified floor and wall tiles are perfect for usage in homes, shops, and even businesses.

2) Durability:

Vitrified flooring tiles are more durable than other types of tiles on the market, such as granite or ceramic tiles. Despite being thinner than other tiles, the vitrified floor tiles are very sturdy and long-lasting. In terms of mechanical strength, they are quite powerful. Even if they are not as well maintained, they always make you feel fresh and well-groomed after years of use. The flooring tiles made of vitrified material are scratch-, water-, and stain-resistant. They are the perfect option for every location because they can regularly handle high loads. The tiles are more durable and of higher quality because of their long-lasting shine, texture, and colour.

3) Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Among the market’s easy-to-maintain tiles, vitrified flooring tiles are highly popular. They have characteristics like stain and water resistance. This makes it easier to maintain the tiles, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. The most hygienic flooring options are the vitrified floor tiles. Additionally, they have anti-bacterial and allergen-resistant qualities that stop fungi and bacteria from growing on them. This makes the ecosystem wholly secure and pristine. There is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean the tiles; they can simply be cleaned with a mop, water, and a small amount of floor-cleaning liquid. Additionally, they are anti-skid, which lessens the likelihood of any mishaps.

4) Versatility:

You may find a vast selection of vitrified flooring tiles by simply walking into the market. This category offers a wide range of styles, textures, shapes, and colours, making it suitable for every space. Once more, the digital print vitrified floor tiles have raised the bar for this category. All of the many varieties of vitrified floor tiles come in a variety of shapes and finishes, such as matt, high-gloss, sugar, wood-punch, carving, etc., that offer the newest designs for your home and even business spaces. However, in order to add a unique touch to the interiors, suppliers, distributors, or even interior designers, can request specially designed vitrified flooring tiles.

5) Easy Installation and Cost-Effective Product:

Many consumers like vitrified flooring tiles because they are so simple to install. The vitrified flooring tiles are thinner and come in a ready-to-use, pre-polished texture as compared to other designs or types of tiles on the market. As a result, the time it takes for other tiles to set after installation is eliminated. After only a few hours of installation, the vitrified floor tiles can support foot movement. Once again, compared to more conventional tile selections like wood, granite, or even marble, vitrified flooring tiles are more affordable. Additionally, they are simple to install and keep up with, which lowers maintenance and other costs.

The vitrified flooring tiles from AGL, one of the leading manufacturers in India, provide the floors with an artistic appearance. Regarding installation and maintenance costs, they are very reasonable and long-lasting. And this encourages architects or interior designers to use vitrified flooring tiles for a particular project. When given the opportunity to express their creativity, professionals will always select the safest alternative, which is only feasible with vitrified flooring tiles.

Are you prepared to install the best-vitrified tile design in your home or business at this point? Visit our AGL website to view the most recent vitrified tile collection.

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