5 questions to ask when you’re house viewing in Singapore

The Singapore property market is a complex industry to dwell in. It is because of the saturated demand and supply. Its property market is so crowded that it makes the cost of buying a house in Singapore too pricey. This crowded number of demands is because Singapore also has one of the most successful economies. Its economy has attracted and is still attracting various investors. These investors come from many different industries. These corporations all want to have a piece of Singapore’s successful economy. These investments then open many job opportunities not just for Singaporeans but as well as foreigners.

As these individuals try to find their place in Singapore, the demand for housing increases. These individuals all target to buy property in Singapore however the land supply is limited. This limitation in the supply of land makes it harder for developers to offer various types of housing units. That is why the cost of buying a house in Singapore is high.

Since the cost of buying a house in Singapore is high, it is important to think twice. When you buy a property in Singapore, you should request a viewing first. Viewing a property is an essential part when you buy property in Singapore. Viewing gives you the chase to decide whether or not you really like the property that you are eyeing. There are many things that you have to consider to make sure that you are making the right decision. To help you land the perfect property, here are 5 questions to ask when you’re house viewing in Singapore.

Why is the owner selling?

When you buy property in Singapore, you should ask why the owner is selling it. There might have been problems that cannot be easily solved which is why the owner chose to sell the property. The cost of buying a house in Singapore is affected by the condition of the property, That is why you should find a reliable property agent to get your money’s worth.

For example, if the owner is selling because the property is flood-prone, that should make the price cheaper than the other similar housing types. There might be reasons that will cost a great amount of money to be solved. When you are presented with this kind of property, it is advisable not to purchase it.

What are the amenities around the area?

Another factor that affects the cost of buying a house in Singapore is the amenities it comes with. If it is an apartment complex that only has one unit, it should cost less than condominium units. This is because condominium units have more amenities. A condominium usually has pools, gyms, gazebos, bbq places, parking spaces, and even security. These things should affect your decision when you buy property in Singapore. The more amenities, the more expensive the cost of buying a house in Singapore would be.

How accessible is the area?

Just like amenities, this should affect the cost of buying a house in Singapore. This is because the properties that are located nearer to grocery stores and transport services should be more expensive. The reason is that this offers more convenience to the tenants that live in units that provide accessibility.

How much are the maintenance fees?

You should also be aware of the maintenance fees surrounding the property. A property may have a cheap base price. However, it may charge high maintenance fees. You should be careful because sometimes this is what landlords do to hide high property prices. The maintenance fees should be at a reasonable price. This should depend on how clean and secure the area is.

What are the rules we should keep in mind?

One last thing that you should ask when you view property is the rules and regulations that cover the unit. Some properties allow visitors. While some only allow them during certain periods of time. For a pet person, an important question is whether or not they are pet-friendly. Some complexes do not allow pets. These are some of the things that you should clarify to the landlord before signing.

Know  more before your big purchase

Investing in a property is a big decision. That’s why before you buy property in Singapore, you should be well informed. In SRX Property, we make sure that you are well-aware of what you are getting into. Visit us today and learn more!

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