43 Tips To Best Way To Promote YouTube Channel In 2023


.4.5 million searches for YouTube are astonishing To best way to promote YouTube channel (Ahrefs)

2. HD-quality videos account for 68.2% of the first-page YouTube video results To  best way to promote YouTube channel, with an average runtime of 14 minutes and 50 second .(Backlinko)

3. A video’s ranking on YouTube is strongly correlated with the number of comments, likes, shares,  and views that it has received (Backlinko)

4. Over the past two years, YouTube watch time for videos featuring these words in the title has increased.

Shop with me (10x)

Does it function? (12x)

– All the information you require (2x) (Think with Google, 2018)

5.The majority of YouTube users want to watch videos about topics they’re interested in, as well As  they’re 3 times more likely to do so if the video includes a celebrity or well-known influencer (Think with Google)

6.If a video is related to their interests, YouTube visitors are 1.6 times more likely to choose it over one with lower production value (Think with Google)

7.Only in the third quarter of 2020 were  7.78 million videos deleted from YouTube globally due to violations of the platform’s community standards. Of these, 481,721 videos were taken down as a result of manual flagging by viewers using non-automated flagging systems (Statista)

8.In the US, 48.26% of adults obtain their news from YouTube. And while 48% of these news consumers on YouTube are searching for information and facts, 51% are searching for social commentary and opinions (Pew Research)

9.From January to June of 2015 and January to June of 2017, videos with the word “review” in the title received more than 50,000 years of viewing time on mobile devices alone. (Consider using Google)

10. On YouTube, 50.2% of the top 100 searches are about music. And the most popular artist is Billie Eilish, who receives over 2 million monthly searches (Ahrefs)

11.A YouTube personality or channel, such as PewDiePie, James Charles, or Joe Rogan, is the subject of 52% of the top 100 searches on YouTube (Ahrefs)

12.100 billion hours of video game content were watched worldwide in 2020. It includes viewing time from some of the largest gaming live events and gaming channel-hosted charity events, such as the Call of Duty Warzone Tournament (YouTube)

13.In 2020, the term “chess” received more than 1 billion views on YouTube (YouTube Trends)

14.In 2020, videos with “Witchcraft 101” in the title received more than 3 million views (YouTube Trends)

15. In 2020, the total number of YouTube daily live streaming increased by 45%. (YouTube Trends)

16. 58% of YouTube users are willing to watch video created by any age of creator (YouTube Trends)

17. Since January 2016, VTuber (a virtual YouTuber who employs a digital avataar created using computer graphics) views have increased by more than 1.5 billion per month (YouTube Trends)

18. 47% of viewers are willing to watch Tuber content, or videos featuring developed fictional or virtual people (YouTube Trends)

19.  With 169 million subscribers, T-Series (India) has the most channel subscribers, and  followed by PewDiePie (Sweden) with 108 million (Business of Apps)

20. The highest-paid YouTuber in 2020 is 9-year-old Ryan Kaji, who earns $29.5 million annually. Ryan’s World, his channel, has 28.3 million subscribers (The Guardian)

21. With 11.5 million subscribers, Lego has the most popular brand channel on YouTube (as of Jan 2022)

22. Just in the beauty sector, 39% of YouTube video views come from businesses, 60% from influencer content, and 1% from publisher content (Statista, 2018)

23. For every 1000 video views globally, YouTubers can earn an average of $3 to $5. The quantity of views your video receives, the calibre of the ads, the duration of the video to YouTube Booster, the amount of clicks an ad receives, etc. all affect how much money you can make on YouTube.

24. The number of YouTube channels that generate six-figure incomes is increasing at a rate of 40% per year (YouTube Press)

25. More than 65% more channels with over a million subscribers were added in the previous year (YouTube Press)

26. Network broadcasters, video companies, and music studios are among the 66. 9000+ partners on YouTube who have a content ID. Copyright holders may identify the YouTube videos they own using Content ID, an automated and scalable method that protects their creative rights. (Press for YouTube)

27. Small firms have their own Youtube channels in 67.9% of cases (Merch Dope)

28. The number of new YouTube channels growing their audiences has increased by 95% since 2012. (YouTube Trends)

29. Facebook,  as well as YouTube is the second most popular venue for marketers to upload their online videos (Buffer, 2019)

30. YouTube is the platform of choice for 53% of B2B marketers, who utilize video in their marketing mix (Sprout Social)

31. 5 percent of marketers spend money producing online videos By YouTube (PPC Hero, 2019)

32.  9% of individuals worldwide claimed to find new companies and goods via YouTube (Think with Google, 2018)

33. After Instagram, YouTube is the second-most significant medium for influencer marketing (MediaKix, 2019)

34. A study from January 2017 to January 2018 found a 70% increase in the number of YouTube users who subscribed to and interacted with influencer-created content on a daily basis (Think with Google)

35. YouTube users are more engaged on the video and 50% less likely to skip advertising than television viewers, who can multitask and are 2x more likely to move between ads. (Ipsos 2017)

36.The most effective ad format, according to marketers, is pre-roll skippable video advertising on YouTube (76.29%). (Sprout Social)

37.  40% of consumers worldwide claimed to have bought things they had found on YouTube (Think with Google, 2018)

38. Two out of three consumers claim to view YouTube videos for inspiration and ideas prior to making purchases (Think with Google, 2018)

39. YouTube users are more attentive to the video and 50% less likely to skip ads than television viewers, who can multitask and are 2x more likely to move between commercials. (Ipsos 2017)

40. Between July 2016 and June 2018, the US watch-time for YouTube videos on shopping increased by more than 5X. (Think with Google, 2018)

41. YouTube commercials get audience attention compared to television ads, which only obtain 45% of public attention (Ipsos 2017)

42. In 2020, YouTube’s third-quarter advertising income totaled USD 5.04 billion, up 32% from the same period the previous year (Statista)

43. 6% of Google’s ad revenue comes from YouTube (HootSuite)

Why don’t more companies use YouTube? What can you do to change that?

Only 9% of small businesses in the US are using YouTube to sell their products, Besides despite it being the most popular website in the world and the second most popular website in the US. And the main cause of this is YouTube’s higher entry barrier when compared to other social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to consistently create high-quality YouTube videos, which is necessary if you want to use the platform to build your brand. As more people enter the market, there is a greater learning curve as well as increased competition.

Thankfully, InVideo, which has been developed to streamline the video editing process to help you churn out interesting video content fast and efficiently, can help you offset some of these challenges, including the time, effort, and resources it takes to create a video .

To make YouTube videos specifically for your company, you can use a collection of 5,000 templates and more than 8 million stock assets (videos, photos, and music). And even if you’re a total beginner, the incredibly user-friendly cloud-based editor enables you to edit videos from any system. The best part is that you can get started for nothing and upgrade to access premium features for as little as by $15 per month.

To Sum Up

Here is a ready-reckoner for all things YouTube Equipment to get you started if you’ve found reason to start using YouTube as a marketing platform for your business. And if you already use YouTube and are considering using it more aggressively this year, you should look at our in-depth guide on YouTube video ideas, which contains 200+ ideas over more than 20 categories.

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