10 Best Food Delivery Apps – You Should Know

How grateful should we be for food delivery app development companies for food delivery apps? We live in an age where hot food and groceries are delivered on our doorsteps. We can make online transactions within a few clicks, instruct the delivery agent how we would like to accept our order, schedule the delivery time, online payment through the linked wallets, and that too from our favorite restaurants, with our favorite cuisines.

But at times we need people to shortlist the best services in the business. So here, we will provide you with a filtered list of the best food delivery apps. Apps that have been in the industry for a long time and survived to occupy space in most mobile devices.

These apps are a top pick for readers and will surely enjoy using their services or might be already using it in their daily lives. Who wouldn’t want to have delicious meals within a few taps at their desired location with online payments and make their life relaxing?

Best Food Delivery Apps

1. DoorDash 

DoorDash is a good start for new joiners. Filling up with minimal mandatory details for registration and location, you can access the popular food joints in your area. Also, you can apply a filter to select restaurants with higher ratings or reviews or for the type of food like vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Best of all, they deliver alcoholic beverages from restaurants, stores, and breweries.

2. Uber Eats 

Uber Eats is another great service provider with one more major perk or using it, and that is it is affordable. The delivery fee charged by Uber Eats is comparatively cheaper than any other popular food delivery app. So whenever there is a debate about which delivery will cost you less, don’t forget to mention Uber Eats in the very first place.

3. Instacart 

The best option is to select when you are craving some quick bits or munchies and want to get them delivered. Users can schedule their delivery according to their availability; assigned shoppers will pick up the food items and deliver them to user’s desired address.

4. Seamless

The app is very popular with instant integration and considering changes regarding app improvement. Also, the customer support service is phenomenal according to its regular users. Also, you can get access to deals and discounts on some of your delivery favorites.

5. Postmates 

It’s a great deal hub for first-timers as you can get access to unlimited free delivery service for seven days of your registration into the app. Moreover, the app doesn’t limit its services till delivering food; it also lets you order kitchen staples, party supplies, and medicine. Also, it has the most flexible services for its staff as they can have a vehicle of choice, be it two-wheelers and easy cash-out features for the employees to get paid instantly.

6. Grubhub 

Introduced in the year 2004, Grubhub has no time issues. You can have your delivery instantly and also you can get your goods delivered four days after you have placed an order for something special. In addition, the app doesn’t charge any delivery fee; instead, the fee is set by restaurants. These special features make Grubhub cost-effective for its users and make it more popular with its advanced features and budget-friendly nature.

7. Goldbelly

The best app that helps you satisfy your craving from across the country. City borders won’t be a problem; you want to have Shake Shack, you can always order it, and it will definitely get delivered at your doorsteps. The food items dispatched for a long journey are pre-made with most ingredients or completed, depending on the duration and the food item. It’s just that it takes time to reach the destination because distance matters, but it is definitely worth trying.

8. Munchery

Get chef-crafted meals or your chilled drinks at your doorsteps with a couple of clicks. The prices are lower than the ones served in the restaurants making it more affordable for the regular users. Also, the app has a name for doing good deeds, and for every purchase, they donate a meal to the needy. This service is a superb combination of both a meal kit delivery service and a food delivery app.

9. Whole Foods Market 

When you want to go organic to lose out that extra pound or to detox your body, you can place your orders at the first certified organic national store. You can easily wait and place orders when there is an ongoing sale, as it is easily visible on the app. Also, you can have an easy login with an amazon account or get a special discount if you are a prime member.

10. Fresh Direct 

There is no limit with Fresh Direct, as you name it, and they deliver it be it frozen food, alcohol, groceries, or cleaning supplies. In addition, you can order prepared foods with their Meal Delivery feature without the disturbance of a subscription. Customers can shop meal kits with easy-to-follow recipes and chef-prepared entrees, sides, and desserts, and dishes for people on special diets. You can check available timeslots with the app to schedule a delivery and shop from previous orders or shopping lists for quicker checkout.

This is a customized list of the best food delivery apps that are self-tested. Though they have a huge user base, people choose different apps for their different yet extraordinary features.

Some users claim to have the best delivery experience, and some suggest the best affordable prices to develop  food delivery apps. However, every app has engraved its name with the food delivery business because of its unique activity that makes them different and desirable from others.

Also, the services may vary from region to region, but the list has almost all the best working food delivery apps that are amongst the favorites of the majority of the users.

Written by Paul Louth

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