Top 10 Factors That Affect Metal Building Cost

Buying a metal building takes a substantial amount. If you have researched above the prices of the metal buildings, you must have seen various amounts of the buildings.

So, what are the reason for this fickle nature of metal building prices, and what are those aspects that impact the metal building cost?

Let’s discuss these aspects because you might save some money after knowing these facts.

Factors Affecting Metal Building Cost

Many factors affect the steel building price.

Steel Price

Steel is used as a building material for metal structures, and change in steel’s price directly impacts the metal shed price. Steel is a global commodity, and its cost depends on the world economy. American dollar’s value, natural disasters, market demand, and production are some factors that also fluctuate steel prices.

Building Styles

There is a huge range of building designs and price varies according to the complexity of the style. You can choose from Quonset type building to modular building according to your requirements.

You can choose a suitable building option for you by comparing the fares from the below table.

Building Size

The price of the metal building is directly proportional to building size. So, the building cost increases with size; a two car metal garage cost more than the one car garage. However, all over tariff start dropping as building size exceeds 2000 square feet. Although the big buildings require more labor and equipment for installation.

See the various prices according to building size in the following table.

Roof Type & Pitch

There are three types of roofs Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical type metal building roof. All these three roof styles have different prices and affect the total metal shed cost accordingly. The vertical style roof is the most expensive style but recommended for dense snowfall regions. The steepness of the pitched roof also influences the metal building cost.


Numerous kinds of steel building sheeting and wallboards are available to give an aesthetic finish to the building. These wallboards can be used to gel up the building with the surroundings and enhance the interiors. You have to pay extra for these drywalls or sheeting and increase the total building price.


If you want to add some extra features like a lean-to, frame out, etc. can cause variation in the price. The standard buildings are readily available. Hence, convenient for the contractor to provide you at a reasonable price. But the custom metal buildings require extra manufacturing efforts and resources, which increases the steel shed cost.

Any end moment change in the building can also cost you a substantial amount.

Geographical location

The metal building prices vary with the location. It depends on the contractor and his reach. If your distance is high from the manufacturer, then the transportation cost will appear with the building cost. Installers face problems during erection if your area has terrible weather, and you will be charged for the extra labor. So, it’s recommended to schedule the installation during light weather to avoid any additional charges.


Some contractors provide the building with installation, but sometimes dealers don’t serve erection services, and you have two options whether DIY or hire an installer. In both cases, the final price gets affected. This is because you need to rent tools & machines to set up the structure. On the other hand, if you hire an installer, then you are billed on the rate of $4-8/Sq. Ft. There is one more option you can buy a metal building from Viking Steel Structures, and you will get free delivery & installation on selected buildings.


There are different types of insulation like fiberglass blanket, foam insulation, spray-on cellulose, etc. Insulation is used for minimizing the heat exchange with the outer atmosphere and avoiding condensation problems. The price of insulation changes with insulation quality standards like U-Value, R-Value, Vapor Retarders, etc. So, the insulation cost is also added to the final value of the steel structure.


No metal building contractor includes the building foundation, and you have to pour the slab before the day of installation. According to use, you have to pour the slab of appropriate thickness. The professional will charge you with $4-8 /Sq. Ft. for 4″ slab.

These are the top factors that can affect your metal building cost. You can optimize the cost by choosing a suitable configuration of the building according to the above information. Check out the affordable metal garage prices to make a smart deal.

Written by Chris Egg

Chris Egg is Content & Marketing Manager at Viking Steel Structures. He has substantial experience in metal buildings industry and also writes enticing content about it.

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