The Route of Fame Through Leading British Poetry Publishers

Do you have a poetic side, too, or do you also have a knack for poetry? Anyone who hears your poems jokes about how you and William Shakespeare must be related somehow.

Well, there is only one way to nose out! And that is to publish your poems for the world to read and help you unearth this mystery. Once your poems get published, we are sure you will become the next crowd-puller poet in the UK in no time.

But wait a minute! You don’t know anything about publishers. What will you do now? All those beautiful rhythmical compositions will rot away or become rat’s food now.

Hang on; we cannot let that happen.

To reveal your artistic talent to the world and save your beautiful compositions, we have listed some of the famous UK poetry publishers below. Read on to get familiar with the leading publishers and their work in the UK to broadcast your poems globally. 

Hold On, What Are Publishers Anyway?

A publishing company makes sure to manage and distribute your masterpiece to the whole world. In this way, your work becomes globally recognised. The more famous the publisher, the more chances become for your book to gain popularity.

From production to distribution, these service providers help you with each and everything. However, these publishing houses do not provide printing services. So, in order to get your books printed, you have to get help from online book printing services in the UK. Read below to learn more about some of the famous poetry publishers in the UK.

7 Leading British Poetry Publishers That Can Get Your Work Published

Penned In The Margins: If your work is inspiring and possesses a completely different perspective about the world, then these publishers must be your first choice. Established in 2006, this company pays heed to spoken and written poems. “Of Sea” by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett is the perfect example of the types of poetry this publishing company focuses on. If you think your work is exciting and risk-taking, then collaborate with them right now.

Bloodaxe Books: If you want your poems to be published by Britain’s biggest and leading poetry publishers, then this company might be your best bet. This company was established under the influence of the skilled publisher Neil Astley. It has been serving the emerging talented and experienced poets for the past four decades. And amazingly, their quality and sales are still up to the mark. Shocking, no?

These publishers are deeply appreciated for their unusual poems that touch the right chord and leave an enduring impression on the readers. The best titles that these publishers have given us over the years include “Collected Poems”, “Pretend You Don’t Know Me”, and many more. If you think your work can strike the right note, submit it to them right now.

Carcanet: When we think of poetry publishers in the UK, there is no name more popular and treasured than Carcanet. This company was established by Michael Hind in 1969. From then on, many experienced and amateur poets have taken advantage of this publishing company to make their compelling blurbs re-known. Rory Waterman, Sophie Hannah, Matthew Welton, Sasha Dugdale, and many other famous poets have opted for Carcanet to get their pieces of art published.

These British Poetry Publishers offer whopping importance to the quality of work. Furthermore, they also offer an open-submission policy, so you can try reaching out to them. And if your work quality is exceptional, you might get the chance to have your poetry published by the most treasured publishing company in the UK.

Faber & Faber: This publishing company was established in 1929, making it one of the oldest ones across the globe. Amazing, no? Similar to the former mentioned company, it also keenly pays attention to the quality of work.

Amazing poets like Sylvia Plath, T.S Eliot, and Ted Hughes collaborated with this famous publishing company. Moreover, extraordinary titles, including “My Bed Is An Air Balloon”, “Anomaly”, and “In Parenthesis”, etc. have been rolled out from this company. So, if you think your work is remarkable enough to hold a candle to the above-mentioned titles, then feel free to send them your work.

Bad Betty Press Limited: This publishing company is new as compared to the formerly discussed companies. It is fond of quirky and compelling poems and focuses on publishing beautiful masterpieces written by budding writers.

If you think you can deliver your rhythmic compositions in a new way, then don’t be afraid to contact this publishing platform right now. Moreover, if you have a knack for writing about mental health-related poems, then this company might be your best bet.

HappenStance Press: This Company is just another aesthete of talented poets in Great Britain. Their reputation is skyrocketing, even though they have recently joined the business. Being one of the most prestigious poetry publishers, they don’t stick to any certain genre. So, you can get your hands on various types of poetry published by them very easily.

Some of their marvellous publications include “Rider at the Crossing”, “Notes for Lighting a Fire”, and many more. However, unlike the above-mentioned companies, this publishing house rarely selects any unrequested works, so do try your luck, but don’t get your hopes high.

The Poetry Business: As their name suggests, these publishers are among the top-tier companies to publicise poetry in the UK. This company has been in the business for 2 decades, and in such a short amount of time, they have collaborated with many extraordinary authors. For instance, Mike Barlow, Jane Aspinall, Sally Baker, and many more famous writers have worked with them.

Unlike the above-mentioned publishing companies, “The Poetry Business” arrange many poetry competitions as well as workshops. Feel free to contact them or send in your submission. Who knows, yours might be the next artwork they publish.

Final Verdict: 

It is no secret that publishers can help to make or break your book. They help you to smoothly get through every process, from the production to the distribution of your artwork. So, if you want your work to be recognised globally, you know the drill.

Contact any of the above-mentioned publishing houses to try your luck. If your work is outstanding, we are sure that you will hear back from these companies in no time. But even if you don’t get any reply, we suggest you not lose your hopes and keep trying. Improve your work, remain hopeful, and try again till you hear back from them. Always remember, being consistent is the key!

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