The 11 Best Job Portal Websites in 2022

Job websites act as classified ads that compile and list all the job openings and advertise job searches along with qualified resumes.

It is an integral part of the hiring process in searching for qualified candidates in their preferred locations.

Many businesses hire web developers to create functional and existing websites that will be informative and valuable for the companies placing their advertisements.

The benefits of developing these job portals are that all the job openings can be accessed from any location, which will be helpful for a vast pool of talent to acquire jobs from any physical location.

If you’re looking to develop a new job portal, then here are the top 11 job portal websites of the year 2022 that you should check. Let’s take a peek at these websites.

1. Indeed

Being a US-based job portal, the company expanded its business globally. The Web app developers of the company have created an interactive application that provides the features of company reviews and ratings as well as salary information that would help job seekers to search for the appropriate job.

One of the drawbacks of this portal is that sometimes it displays outdated job postings.

Why should you select this? 

Its portal is interactive and 100% free, which only requires website signup to receive the new job alerts. With the help of a web development company, you can make a similar website that holds enormous listings of the company.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is considered an unbiased job portal that reviews their current employees and their ex-employees, which helps to evaluate the work culture and the management structure of the listed company. Being one of the popular portals, it provides most of its features for free.

Why should you select this? 

The job portal developed by this company made this portal informative by providing detailed reviews and ratings of the company by its employees based on their experiences.

3. Monster

A job portal, such as Monster, has a separate blog section on their website that provides valuable tips about interviews, their questions, and job searches. With the help of the web development company, the feature of a search filter is also being provided by web app developers to narrow down the searches for the appropriate jobs.

Why should you select this?

It comes with an additional salary comparison feature and the ability to save job profiles and positions in the search taskbar. Jobs are being provided on the website from fresher to professional levels.

4. Flex Jobs

The flex jobs provide job opportunities for flexible jobs most suitable for freshers, where they list exclusive deals for different features provided by the company. The drawback is that the job portal does not provide any free trial options.

Why should you select this?

It is interactive and scam-free, which enables an ad-free environment for the users. The flex jobs also provide an alternate website named Remote. Co, which provides free services to the users, but it holds fewer listed companies.

5. Linkedln

LinkedIn is a popular professional job portal. It provides a feature where you have to be present with your work, and you can also share your thoughts on this portal. LinkedIn is one of the legendary platforms among the 10 best job portal websites in 2022.

Why should you select this? 

This portal is a user-friendly way that helps you see the employee’s previous accomplishments. You can share and connect to recruiters on other platforms like Facebook to enhance and expand your network through your LinkedIn profile.

They hire web developers to list high-profile jobs on their platforms. A web development company can take a reference from it.

6. Ladder

Its foundation year was 2003; the job portal focuses on the job listings of vetted companies that provide $100,000 per year. The web development company develops the portal, which serves the networking platforms. One of the best things about the basic membership for job seekers was that it was free.

Why should you select this? 

With the help of the paid subscription, top placements are being provided to job seekers. Web app developers made the curated job matches for candidates searching for the job.

7. TimesJobs

It is managed by the Times Group and has a database of approximately 25 million job seeker profiles from which it recommends jobs based on the candidate’s profile. The company made an alternate portal named, which is made separately for IT jobs.

Why should you select this? 

Apart from providing IT jobs to the appropriate candidates, it also provides jobs in other industries too.

8. Get-Work

With the help of proprietary technology, the web searches made the freshly posted job searches the top priority, which helped to create a high-quality database for the job portal development.

Why should you select this? 

The portal adds up-to-date job searches on their job portal and provides free access to job seekers who can browse through all the available job opportunities on their web portal.

9. SnagAJob

SnagaJobs provides the opportunity for urgent job listings, which will be helpful for quick work, and freshers can freely seek a job from the significant job listing provided on the portal.

Why should you select this? 

This portal helps to connect the employees to their local-based position on an hourly basis, which helps the website to become the top marketplace in the job searching for online work. Web app developers created an interactive marketplace for the online platform.

10. Angel List

Angel List is a job search platform providing free services for job seekers and information for local startup companies. It supports all types of startup websites, which makes it different from the rest of the competitor websites.

Why should you select this? 

The company’s database focuses mainly on local startups, which develop small and fast databases. It helps job seekers in a variety of sectors to find the perfect job for them.

11. Scouted

This web portal helps job seekers prepare for virtual interview questions with the help of their matchmaking software. Starting in 2015, the company focused on the ideology that talent has no boundaries and people are far better than their resumes.

Why should you select this? 

You can easily develop your account by connecting it with different websites and by answering the virtual questions available on the web portal to help you by providing the appropriate company per your skills.

The Final Thoughts!

The job portal app is an excellent idea from the business point of view. The only thing you need to do is to develop the job-providing website or app by following a unique idea. It would be best if you took the help of an experienced job portal website development companythey will help you to take it in the right direction and turn the idea into an actual website or an app.

Written by Paul Louth

Paul Louth is a Sr. web developer who works with a web development company in India. He has excellent technical expertise which is incomparable. He has the vision to cater to the online industry with website solutions. Their excellent team of web developers is always ready to serve customers with the most excellent solutions.

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