How to Prepare for MAHA TET? Know more about MPSC Recruitment:

Maharashtra state council of examination conducts Maharashtra TET examination every year for the recruitment of teaching posts within the state. Every year lakhs of candidates wait for the notification of TET recruitment which happens on notified time. MSCE announces the notification within due time and upload all the details regarding recruitment process in its official website. So, candidates are advised to check the official website of MSCE regularly for knowing updated information about upcoming TET exam. All candidates take a rigorous preparation for a prolonged time who aim to be a responsible teacher in future. To perform well and achieve great score in the final selection candidates must focus on their preparation journey. So, we will discuss in the present article about the details of MAHA TET for better understanding of the candidates.

Job notification:

Interested candidates in teaching posts wait for the recruitment notice of MAHA TET which is conducted by MSCE every year within due time. They will find all information like start and end date of application, eligibility criteria, application fees, required documents, admit card details, exam dates etc. which are part of the recruitment process. All candidates should know about the job notification at the prior level. After knowing it they can make their own strategy for exam preparation by viewing the left time in their hand. Candidates get new energy and inspiration to focus more on their preparation after releasing the official notification of Maha TET. With it they feel more encouragement to improve their preparation day by day by constant hard work and dedication to their aim. So, it is crucial for candidates to view the complete job notification at first. After that they should apply within due period of application process for avoiding any negative circumstances with needed credentials. After filling the application form of Maha TET they must keep the print out of it with themselves for any further needs. Aspirants need to fill up the application form from the links given in official website of MCSE.

Recruitment process:

The recruitment process of Maha TET is structured accurately according to the guidelines of the MCSE board. Aspirants have to appear in the first online written examination of Maha TET on the due date of exam. Maha TET is one of the biggest examination by MPSC recruitment where lakhs of candidates appear every year. Candidates have to clear the cut off marks category wise for passing the written exam. Cut off marks can be different for each year which depends on various things like question level, number of appeared candidates, attendance etc. we have to think that number of aspirants is increasing every year for which the level of competition is also becoming tough day by day. After passing the written exam candidates have to prepare for interview where personality, confidence every aspects related to teaching are measured by experts. Candidates need to prepare for interview too along with main exam for avoiding any difficulties. After interview round there come the stage document verification where all the required certificates of candidates are verified. After completion of all the stages the MPSC board publishes final merit list of candidates in their official website. The score of all the stages is added to final merit according to which their names are arranged in merit list of successful candidates. So, we are advising candidates to analyse all the stages of recruitment for full preparation of their Maha TET exam.

Exam syllabus:

Knowing the entire syllabus of Maha TET is the first stage of exam preparation for all candidates. Without knowing syllabus they cannot make their strategy or study plan properly. Candidates will find out that there are five separate sections for language 1, language 2, maths, environmental studies and child development each in the syllabus of Maha TET. Questions will be multiple choice question type in written exam for which candidates will be given one and half hour. MPSC board has made the entire syllabus of Maha TET according to the board’s guidelines. All aspirants should make their own study plan by diving time for each section so that they can prepare all sections equally. Through the subject-wise preparation strategy aspirants will be confident about their preparation which will ensure their higher score in written exam. Aspirants need to study deeply about child psychology, their behaviour and growth in learning as part of their syllabus. Even after paasing the exam and joining in the post it will be beneficial for them when they will be responsible for children’s education in schools.

Preparation strategy:

Aspirants must make their strategic plans for better exam preparation of their upcoming Maha TET exam. For language sections candidates should adopt the habit of reading books daily. With this habit they will enhance their knowledge along with developed grammatical rules and vocabulary. Besides that they should follow daily newspaper to understand the writing skills and more knowledge about current affairs. For mathematics they should clear their fundamental concepts with all rules. They can make notebooks for short tricks and formulae to speed their calculation. For environmental studies they can follow NCERT books along with additional information collected from other resources as well. Only studying is not enough for achieving higher score in Maha TET exam. Candidates should adopt the regular practice method with model question papers and previous year question papers. With it they will get an overall exam pattern view which will boost their confidence level before exam. Besides that candidates should focus on their time management to answer all answers accurately within time. For revision of all subjects they can make short notes which will be easier to go through before exam. Along with all the points candidates must follow the guidelines for candidates published by MPSC in its official website.


Maha TET in an important recruitment exam of MPSC board which is conducted every year within stipulated time. Candidates wait for the whole year for the publication of official notice of the job recruitment. After applying in the respective vacancies there comes the stage of exam preparation where candidates need to hard work with complete dedication and concentration. Aspirant should follow the guidelines of MPSC in their prolonged preparation journey. They should make their own study plan to complete syllabus within time and then practice with appropriate study materials.


1.     What is Maha TET?

Answer. It is the teacher eligibility test of the MPSC board of Maharashtra to recruit teachers in the state board schools.

2. How many sections are there in the Maha TET syllabus?

Answer. There are a total of five sections, including language 1, language 2, environmental studies, mathematics, child development, and pedagogy, which are equally important for scoring in the exam.

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