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Seattle is the most populous city in the state of Washington in the USA. Like many other cities in the United States of America, it also has gained popularity for providing education to international students. Universities like the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Seattle Pacific University are found in this city where many domestic and international students get higher education. Therefore, there is a good arrangement for student accommodations in this city.

Here, you will know about some popular properties available for students in Seattle.


Nora is the name of a student housing property in Seattle. This property comprises some basic and leisure facilities for international students. It has two types of accommodation units: studios and apartments.

The University of Washington is within walking distance of this off campus student housing Seattle. Besides, you can reach Seattle University from here within 13 minutes by car. By train, you can reach Seattle University within 18 minutes.

There is a Wi-Fi internet connection on this property which you can use for your studies, entertainment, communication, online shopping, and all other online tasks. You also find a TV here for leisure.

Nora is a pet-friendly property, so if you are a pet lover, you can keep your pets here with you without any worries. A bicycle storage space can also be found for you to park your bicycles safely.


Nolan is another property meant for student accommodation Seattle. It is 0.4 miles away from the University of Washington. To reach Seattle University, you will need a vehicle through which you can reach there within 12 minutes. By train, you can reach Seattle University within 16 minutes.

This property comprises facilities for studies, fitness, leisure, etc. of international students. A study desk and chair are provided to every resident of this property. Besides, residents also find a study room here to study without disturbance and with full concentration. You find a Wi-Fi internet connection also to connect the internet to all your Wi-Fi-supported gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and smart TVs.

For your entertainment and information, you find a television here. Moreover, there is an in-house fitness center in Nolan that you can visit to do workouts. For your dining, you get a stove, microwave, and fridge here.

Nolan is an apartment-based property, so if you want to live in a student apartment Seattle, it is the right place to stay for you. Nolan is also a pet-friendly accommodation property, so pet lovers can keep their pets here.

Seattle Lothlorien

Seattle Lothlorien is one more property in Seattle for international students. The University of Washington is close to this property. You need a vehicle to reach Seattle University in 12 minutes. The train distance from this property is 17 minutes. This property with student studios and student rooms Seattle also has numerous facilities for international students. You can either book a studio here or a bedroom in an apartment.

You find a study desk and chair and a Wi-Fi internet connection here also. A BBQ is also available here to provide you grilled food. Seattle Lothlorien is also a pet-friendly housing property where pet lovers can keep their pets safely.

Private Apartments

Apart from the student housing properties, Seattle also has some private apartments where also you can rent accommodation. In the private apartments, you find general facilities like Wi-Fi internet connections, storage spaces, kitchen appliances, etc.

Some of these apartments are within walking distance from universities in Seattle. You can either book a full apartment or rent a room in a shared apartment.


In conclusion, Seattle offers a vibrant and varied selection of student housing options to meet the requirements and tastes of each and every student. Seattle offers it all, whether you’re searching for the independence of a private rental, the friendship of shared housing, or the convenience of living on campus. The Emerald City is a great location for academic endeavors because of its well-known universities and gorgeous natural settings. With the aid of our in-depth advice, you can make your way through the housing market and locate a cozy and appropriate starting point for your academic career. Seattle is a great location for students from all walks of life because of its dynamic culture, booming tech sector, and excellent educational institutions. 

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My name is Siwanch, and I work as a web developer for the University Living Organisation in US. You can easily rent the property at very affordable prices in the student housing, which provides international student accommodation Seattle

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