Best Things to Do in Yerevan, Armenia

Do you know? Armenia has had a tumultuous past. The Armenian genocide occurred 100 years ago, and the marks left by the Ottoman Empire on the Armenian people are still visible today. Having said that, a century has gone by, and they have rebuilt their nation and built one of the most gorgeous capital cities in the Caucasus.

Yerevan and its people have an ineffable allure that draws you in. Armenia is one of those nations that will shock you with the best views at every turn, from the Soviet-inspired architecture to the welcoming residents. Get your holiday tour packages to Armenia and explore the new sights in life.

Interesting things to do in Yerevan

1. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Gregory, the Illuminator

Along with the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, this is the best religious spot in the South Caucasus. Its block-like architecture distinguishes it from the other cathedrals in the region. It’s one-of-a-kind and blends in with the other Soviet-era structures dotted throughout Yerevan. Your holiday tours will be unique with a visit to this place.

2. Invest your time at Republic Square

As you stand in the center of Republic Square, you will see that most of the buildings are made of pink volcanic bricks. May the color perfectly show the city’s joyful and vibrant tone. The cool kids will always congregate here. There are many hipster-worthy souvenir shops, retail streets, and high-end restaurants in the surrounding region. Visit Republic Square and plan to explore the best holiday packages from UAE.

3. Explore Republic Square at night

The Republic Square transforms into a dancing musical fountain where people may explore the free fountain events and lights. You can notice the locals mingling as classical music plays in the background and water sprays forth in unison.

4. Take a dip in the Cascade

The Cascade is a huge stairway with sculptures and fountains on each level. In order to know in detail the actual scale of the Cascade, you must see it for yourself. It is enormous! Hiking up the Cascade is a superb experience because of the Armenian architectural prowess.

The splendor of these “micro parks” that may be discovered on every corner of the Cascade will shock you with wonders. You will have an unobstructed view of Yerevan and Mount Ararat from the top. Check with your holiday tour travel agency and confirm this spot in your itinerary.

5. Visit the Swarovski Crystal Palace

Visit the Swarovski Crystal Palace at the top of the Cascade thereafter. The installation is truly appealing. As you enter, you can find many mesh bags loaded with Swarovski crystals hung from the ceiling.

6. Take in the architecture of Matenadaran

This Soviet-era tower houses a collection of old manuscripts. This structure cut deep into the hillside behind it and protected by double steel blast doors, is designed to resist a nuclear detonation in order to preserve the ancient texts. The Ancient Manuscripts Museum is a must-see for anybody interested in Armenian history.

7. A visit to the Karen Demirtchian Sport Complex

If you wish to visit the Genocide Museum, you need to go past this fairly derelict sports facility. As you make your way to the Genocide Museum, stare at these Soviet-era “In Your Face” monuments. There is beauty in decay, as the phrase goes.

8. Visit the Genocide Memorial

Walking east from the sports complex, you will find a monument existing proudly on a hill. Buy some flowers and pay your respects to the victims of the Armenian Genocide by laying them at the memorial’s eternal flame.

9. Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum and know the history

When we walk around the museum and learn about the Ottoman Empire’s horrors, it will be both surprising and eye-opening. The museum is perfectly organized, with clear signage and all the details in English. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the people if you spend just an hour there.

After you’ve completed visiting the museum, go outdoors and enjoy the sunset over Mt. Ararat from the balcony. You shouldn’t miss these beautiful views from your holiday packages in Oman, Dubai, Ajman, or wherever you are in the world.

10. In Khor Virap, climb down the pit

Are you planning on spending a free day on the best things here? Then, travel to Khor Virap. It is a monastery in the Ararat plain, close to the Turkish border, that you must add to your holiday packages from Qatar, Dubai, Ajman, or wherever you are living. The monastery is historically famous since it is where Gregory the Illuminator was initially imprisoned for 14 years.

Gregory was the catalyst for Armenia’s declaration as a Christian nation, making it the first nation in the world to do so. Climb down the pit where Gregory was imprisoned if you are not afraid of heights. It was pleasantly roomy on the inside. Please don’t forget to take in the surrounding scenery!

How to reach Yerevan?

The most convenient way to arrive is to fly into Tbilisi and then take a marshrutka from there. You can also use internet sources to find all of the cheap flights from where you reside to Georgia and compare them to select the one that best fits your plan.

The cheapest way to get from Tbilisi is via bus or marshrutka, a minivan. If you want to go to the Ortachala International Autobus terminal, then you must use a bus. You can either take the bus to Yerevan, which will cost 15 GEL and take 12 hours, or the marshrutka, which will cost 35–50 GEL and take 5–6 hours.

The smart idea is none other than seeking the guidance of the best holiday tour travel agency and choosing the cheap holiday packages from Dubai, Qatar, Ajman, or any place you are right now. You don’t have to worry about getting here, as you leave all of the tasks and duties to the package providers. Invest your good times in the right place on earth for some days, explore more with your loved ones, and capture the moments that will never die.

Getting around Yerevan

Yerevan’s transportation system is simple. In the city, you can take the Metro, which costs only 100 AMD (20 cents USD) per journey. If you want to travel outside of Yerevan, such as to Khor Virap, you must take the local bus. Because there is no internet bus schedule, your best bet is to inquire at your hotel’s reception.

In Armenia, hitchhiking is widespread and famous. Even locals will hitchhike with you on occasion. The natives are exceedingly nice, and even if they don’t understand English, they would go out of their way to support you. Enjoy every moment with nice things and good people. Choose one of the best vacation tour packages and explore everything in Yerevan.

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