Best running apps for beginners in 2021

Choosing to take formal training sessions for various kinds of sports or other strenuous activities helps you cover that extra mile with accurate strategies and systematic plans. Likewise, running apps provide an essential platform for runners, running enthusiasts, and even beginners to take up their daily runs or marathon seriously and kickstart their fitness journey without a lack of proper guidance. These apps are precisely designed to help people track their running paths, calories, plans, weekly or monthly distances, and other related stats.

So, here are some of the best running apps for beginners that specializes in helping them organize their run schedule in a smart and better manner.

  • MapMyRun 

This free running app by Under Armour comes with tonnes of running routes to pick from. It is great at reading split pace and average pace and smoothly connects with the Apple Watch. The fun part is that you can post a little picture each time you run using the app! This app is also good when it comes to connecting with My Fitness Pal, and thus it allows you to focus on diet as well.

  • Runkeeper 

Runkeeper, owned by Asics helps you set practical and measurable goals. It also has an amazing feature that allows you to play music from Apple Music and Spotify that are integrated with the app itself and it also syncs well with the Apple Watch. The best part is that you can leave your phone at home and avoid any kind of distraction. The app is best known for giving periodic updates on time and speed that keep you motivated throughout your run.

  • WeRun

WeRun is another free fitness app that allows you either join or create a private or public running group in your area. The private running groups are best recommended for beginners who can use them to get comfortable with the people they know already. The app allows you to choose a running radius starting from ten up to a hundred miles. This app is best for beginners who are just getting started with their running or fitness plans.

  • Road ID 

As the name suggests, this app is meant for those runners who are concerned about safety while running on the road or who can run nowhere else other than the roads in their area. Thus, this app’s emergency identification bracelets allow your loved ones to track you while you’re out for a run. This app is great if you are running on a new route or running a long distance by yourself. The app comes with several alert notifications and emergency contact features as well that you can set manually. All these features without spending anything!

  • Strava 

This app comes with advanced GPS tracking features and is thus popular among competitive runners. It provides some necessary stats like pace, elevation, distance, and heart rate monitor connection. The app is also known for helping you connect with the running community via connecting with your contacts and Facebook friends. If you wish to go for a more detailed analysis and support, you can buy the premium Strava Summit membership and even enjoy the extra safety feature. It will allow you to share your location with designated contacts while you run.

  • Nike Run Club 

Last but not least, the Nike Run Club is the all-in-one running app for beginners as well experienced runners. The app allows you to link it with music and also comes with guided audio running plans to help you start systematically. It tracks some basic stats like pace, elevation, and distance. The app’s user interface is such that it is easy to use and navigate its various features. The app also rewards you with trophies and badges after completing each milestone. The fascinating part is that an athlete or celebrity congratulates you at the end of your run if you hit a milestone successfully.


With any of these free running apps, you can kickstart your journey like never before. With smart and accurate assistance and running guidance from the best fitness apps, you can be sure of hitting the milestones even if you are a beginner in 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and set your running goals right now!

Written by Bajayanti Samal

Bajayanti Samal is a Marketing Communication Manager & PR Strategist Writes about app trends, mobile app development, tech news, and all about technology!

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