Best phone covers for Realme 6

We know smartphones aren’t easily affordable. Most of us save money to buy one or pay instalments every month. But some brands like Realme have made it a lot easier for us buy selling affordable smartphones, one of them being Realme 6. We are here to guide you through what you have to do in terms of protecting your Realme 6 i.e. buy a Realme 6 back cover. But before you head out,

what you need to know for selecting the correct phone cover.


Realme 6 carries a bit of weight. As it is already heavier than usual, you would go for a lighter cover to avoid bulk. In such cases, heavy metal cases or leather cases can be a setback for your phone, degrading the overall experience. Going for a TPU case or a silicone case is a much better alternative as your phone is protected from damage and not too heavy at the same time. Transparent silicone cases are the cheapest in the business too.

Ports and jacks

Realme 6 is a delicate phone. Also the speaker quality isn’t that great. Therefore, to have the overall best experience, you need to check out for covers which have cut outs at the right places and fit correctly at the same time. To be 100% sure, you can always rely on the parent brand, Realme itself as they make pretty decent phone covers too. You might have limited options but whatever you find is going to be standard.

Waterproof cases come handy if you spend time with water. When water enters the ports and openings into your phone, it causes serious damage. You may never be able to charge your phone again or if it enters the sound jack, your music playlists can retire. Therefore, waterproof cases with the perfect seal are the saviour. We say perfect seal because there is no point in buying a waterproof Realme 6 back cover if it doesn’t fit correctly and water slips in between.


Realme 6 has a plastic built which makes it prone to stretch compared to glass. Therefore, you need to have a phone cover to protect your plastic surfaces. Glass is generally preferred while buying smartphones but considering how affordable this phone is, plastic is just fine. Therefore you need to be careful about the material of cover you pic.

Also, the front display of this phone has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, not trustworthy. And this display is pretty expensive to replace or repair. Therefore you need to take care of that too. A flap case would be a good suggestion.

One major drawback of Realme 6 is the overheating problem. Three minutes into a video game and you can feel your hands burning. Now you wouldn’t want a cover which would conduct this heat more. Therefore, you need to be aware of what material absorbs heat and what prevents it and decide accordingly, For example, metal cases are a big no whereas silicone cases sound like a viable option.


Unfortunately, Realme 6 is none different than its siblings in terms of design. There hasn’t been any upgrade in the colours of patterns. Therefore, it becomes important for you to make your phone look pretty as you would want them to look appealing. To improve the aesthetics of your smartphone, you would look for a patterned, designer, graphic or textured Realme 6 back cover. This is not as important as the other factors but for sure a deal breaker.

There are millions of stores and online apps which customise these designs and patterns for you. You can experiment with your phone covers and if you think its expensive, it is nowhere even close. If you are too lazy to be a designer, there are a million options available and its most unlikely that you will not find what you like


With this, we have saved you from taking wrong decisions for your Realme 6 protection. All the types of cases mentioned above are available for Realme 6 back cover. We just made the whole thing easier for you so what are your waiting for. Go and grab your perfect case!

Written by Lara Buck

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