5 Reasons To Use Chlorine Tablets For Water Purification

Drinking water is the basic need of all beings. While in today’s era getting clean water is challenging and this is a worldwide problem. Water containing many harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and chemicals creating a high threat to human life. When we talk about India 70% of water is not safe for consumption as a report shows.

Day by day water purification is becoming a prime problem and many new methods are invented. Like RO water filtration, UV filter but it comes with its cost. While both the technology is not reachable to everywhere and the affordability is also a question.

From very old time using chlorine for water purification is preferred until now and here are some of the main topics that made chorine a best-suited for water purification.

Protect From Many Waterborne Diseases

There are many waterborne diseases like viruses, gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria, fungi mold, yeast, Salmonella Typhi, Shigella sonnei, Escherichia Coli, cholera, etc.

Chlorine kills these harmful microorganisms and protects you from many waterborne diseases that are a threat to human life.


Chlorinating water is one of the oldest water purification methods which is used from 1897 and safer. That’s not all many governments are using chlorine for water treatment.

Not only for drinking water chlorine is also works as a sanitizer and disinfectant. with a change of the dose it can be easily used in many ways like swimming pool water chlorination, large area disinfecting, mopping, vegetable cleaning, mopping, and many others.

Chlorine is widely used in food processing plants, hospitals, NGOs, the Beverage industry, Dairy which clears that it is one of the safest ways to purify water.


Chlorine is widely available in rural areas and urban areas It is one of the reasons that many NGOs operating in rural areas use chlorine tablets to purify the water.


When it comes to cost efficiency using chlorine don’t put any extra burden on the budget. It is simple, easy, cost-efficient, and doesn’t need any other supporting accessories.

If you use RO water filter system it will cost you a noticeable amount also the maintenance cost you have to count on every service cycle.

Boiling water requires fuel, electricity, or another method to generate heat to boil water. Some advanced technology like UV water filtration is still out of reach for many.

Whenever we compare chlorine with these methods chlorine is more affordable compared to the above methods.

Used By many governments and NGOs 

It is not new that governments and NGOs use chlorine whenever there is a need for water purification. Which clears the trust, efficiency of chlorine.

When it is about public interest government prefers tried and tested methods and while chlorine is what is preferred for water treatment and purification.

There is no doubt that even after new technology and devices chlorine is still irreplaceable.


  • Water Purification
  • Sanitizing And Disinfecting
  • Vegetable Washing
  • Surface Disinfecting
  • Mopping


The process of using chlorine is easy. You can get Chlorine tablets from your nearest store or order it online. Whenever you want to use it just add it into the water and wait until it dissolves completely. That is all.

Note: The dosage of chlorine is based on the use and the quantity of water. make sure to read the instructions before using it.

If you are looking for a simple and easy solution for water purification then using Bactafree Chlorine Tablets will help.

Just add one Bactafree chlorine tablet in 10 Ltr. of water and wait for 5 min.

Not only for drinking water. Bactafree chlorine tablets are very effective in surface disinfecting and food sanitizing. Making it an all in one solution for your healthy life.

Written by Hiren Patel

Writing a health blog so many peoples can start living a healthy life. From a small to big change learn the way of living your life.

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