11 Plus Comprehension Tips: Exam Guide

If your child is preparing for the 11 Plus examination, it will be imperative to help them improve their reading skills. But, the ability to read is an expansive concept. Therefore it’s vital to know the way your child’s reading ability will be judged. The key skills they must develop to succeed on their 11 Plus test. This is why we’ve put together these handy 11 Plus Comprehension tips. So, 11 plus tuition Aylesbury, London, and other regions of the UK are explicitly working on this. 11 Plus Comprehension contains a text that your child needs to study carefully. Once they’ve finished, they’ll be required to answer questions regarding the text. Thus, in this blog, we will discuss some important comprehension tips.


The 11 Plus Guide Comprehension


11 Plus comprehension worksheets usually contain a text that your child needs to be able to read with attention. After that, they’ll need to answer questions about the text. Thus it may seem simple enough that your child must be a confident and skilled reader to accomplish this task at the highest level in an examination environment.


What are the most important types of the 11 Plus examination Comprehension questions?


Hence it is easy to conclude that the comprehension 11 plus questions are similar. They fall into a few distinct categories, as shown below. For a deeper understanding, it is to study 11 Plus comprehension practice papers and the associated answers.

  • Inference
  • Close reading
  •  Information retrieval
  • Summary
  • Predictions
  • Vocabulary
  •  Author’s preference
  • Mixed questions


11+ Comprehension tips


In making preparations for the 11 Plus English comprehension tests in the long term. So here are some suggestions and 11 Plus Comprehension tips that could be useful:

Aid your child to create a habit of reading every day: 

It shouldn’t be something that is a chore. Thus whatever your child’s interest is, there are books that they will find entertaining and exciting.

Discuss the reading experience of your child with them:

Ask them questions about characters they’ve met or interesting facts they’ve discovered by showing interest. Therefore, this can make reading more enjoyable for your child.

Encourage your child to write: 

One of the most effective ways to supplement your child’s reading skills is to create a story.

Encourage them to develop new vocabulary: 

Actively encourage your child to study and use words they’ve learned or read about. So make sure they are comfortable using a dictionary whenever they encounter words they don’t recognize.

Read to your child: 

Choose exciting books but somewhat over your child’s reading ability. You can read to them or take turns reading and talking to each other. Thus this can be an excellent method for developing vocabulary.

Think about employing the services of an 11 Plus tutor:

If you’re not sure about aiding your child’s Comprehension, then hire the services of an 11 Plus tutor. However, they will help guide your child’s development in this area.


Tips and Tricks to tackle the comprehension exam paper


In the case of the 11 Plus comprehension exam or just using previous papers, we suggest this method. This approach to tackling the 11 Plus test isn’t natural for most children. However, it’s an amazing method to build confidence in your child.

  • Make sure you read the comprehension text one time but don’t note anything down.
  • Take the time to read each question below the text without writing anything.
  • If you’re still not writing anything down, you can give the text another glance, checking out for the answers to your questions.
  • Start answering the question with complete sentences (unless the question requires otherwise).

So, utilise the mark scheme to decide whether you’ve earned enough points with your answers. Make sure you check all your work thoroughly.


Closing Words


So, these are some important 11 Plus Comprehension tips. The majority of students in the years 5 and 6 struggle to comprehend 11 Plus Comprehension. It is an essential element that is a part of Year 6 SATs and across different parts of the nation for 11 Plus tests. If your kid has trouble grasping comprehension, there are a few key guidelines to assist them with this vital ability. For your child to have many opportunities to work on their comprehension skills for 11 Plus.

Thus we recommend using past papers and specifically designed comprehension tools explicitly made for this reason. If your child is taking an 11 Plus test, you should consider using comprehension practice tests to give you an idea of the test type during their test day. Also, look into using resources that mirror this format. This way your child and you would be more comfortable on the test day.

Written by Alice Roberts

Hi, I am Alice Roberts, and I'm a passionate and professional content writer at Adnan Khan Tutoring. Read my blogs to support your child's learning journey.

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