Would you prefer traditional rakhis or modern bracelets?


You have already started to mark the rakhi date on Calendar. But you have a serious confusion with the rakhi that which one should you get like the traditional rakhi or the modern bracelet for the Rakhi day. So now the dilemma or the bafflement is which one would be the best idea to stick with. In that regard, we will give you a detailed hint on which one you should go for at once.

Traditional rakhis have a homemade touch:

Now you know this occasion is the same for every brother and sister no matter whether you tie a modern rakhi or the one crafted traditionally. Overall feelings remain the same at the end of the day. But honestly, traditional rakhi has a homely touch and it explicitly brings out the rakhi theme which makes the day more special for the brother and sister. On the whole, it’s worth saying that traditional rakhi spreads an affection which is truly authentic and it somehow completes the ritual.

Modern rakhi bracelet;

Coming to the modern rakhi bracelet like it is totally designed with the help of the machine. And the exciting part is that the entire detailing has been done so minutely and accomplished with stones studded on the bracelet. Therefore it has a modern appeal compared to the traditional threaded rakhi which is somehow not present in the traditional ones. But to some extent that authentic feel is missing from that.

Variety of traditional rakhi threads:

Whenever you want to send Rakhi to India you always make sure to make proper scouting so that you can get the best rakhi. But being an elder sister your lookout is always clear when it comes to rakhi as you want to keep up the tradition of the celebration so you want to have the simple threaded traditional rakhi. For example, you can get so many like the one beaded with rudraksha rakhi along with a small handmade flower. On the other hand, you can also try out the pearl made rakhi as well which is again too sophisticated and classy at the same time. Even you can even try out the simplest one with a single red and yellow thread.

Additional package along with traditional rakhi:

Once you land up on any online professional gift delivery site the first thing that will draw your eyes is the additional gifts that you can team up with the traditional rakhi. Like in most of the cases you will get an option to send the roli, chawal, chandan or michri. The best would be that you can send a box of kaju katli which is considered quite pious as sweets call for happiness and good luck. Even some of the site also combines the gift with kumkum and other materials

Supplementary gifts with modern bracelet rakhi:

Now as you go through the modern bracelet rakhis mostly you will see that it has so many new additions when it comes to the design. The best is the stone studded on it like most you will get this with green emerald stone or white stone on it. Honestly, it gives a trendy touch because although it is a Rakhi it looks outstandingly stylish. Then if you want to count on the supplementary gift then it is significant to note that usually cards are given along with this type of bracelet rakhi.

You can see that both of these rakhis justify the rakhi as a holy occasion. No matter whichever you buy either the traditional one or the modern one it will always amplify the love and care between the brother and sister. Therefore you can invest in any of these rakhis without confusion so try these through any professional gift sending site.


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