Why Water Is The Most Important Food On Earth?


It is a scientifically proven fact.

The human body can survive for 3-4 days without food. But, when it comes to living 3-4 days without water, it becomes absurd for any living being. Without the intake of water, dehydration will form, the person will breathe but remain vegetative.

Hence, what is the most important food on earth?

The answer is water. Each person on this planet needs approx. 20 -50 liters of fresh and safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and maintaining personal hygiene.

But, it is shocking and horrific that there is not any country remaining whose water is not polluted. Whether it is a first world country, third world country or a fourth world, it is dealing with the water crisis. Billions of people around the world are struggling to find a cup of fresh drinking water. From cooking, drinking, to food production, maintaining sanitation, water plays an important role. But, because of the rise of polluted and deadly water nearly 1.8 million people die every year of diarrhea, cholera, blood decently, etc. Here we are going to discuss in broad why water is the most important food on earth. Here we are going to discuss in broad why water is the most important food on earth.

Water Helps In Creating Saliva

Although Saliva includes enzymes, mucus, etc., water is the chief component of saliva. Saliva helps in breaking solids to maintain a healthy mouth. More you intake water, it will produce more saliva. Saliva production gets hindered only when a person undergoes through medical therapies or intake less amount of fluids. The side effects of medication or therapies are not in our control, but we can maintain a regular intake of water to balance the production of saliva.

Water Provides Nourishment

Food is important, but water is essential. Water is the most important source of nutrition for the human body. As the human body is made of 60% of water, unless a person drinks an adequate amount of water, the total system will break down. It is water that helps in maintaining organ health, blood circulation, and working as a medium of transportation of the oxygen and nutrients in the body. This is why water is the most important food.

Disease Prevention

Besides being dirty and filthy, polluted water is deadly for human being and other living bodies on the planet. Polluted water is the main culprit of causing and spreading various kinds of deadly water-ailment in the human body. Day by day, people’s struggle and failure in getting access to clean and fresh water disturbs their health and the balance of nutrition in the body. Hence, clean water is not just crucial for drinking, but also it helps in maintaining good health.

Dehydration Prevention

Food is imperative, but hydration comes first? After having a full plate of the meal, maybe your stomach is satisfied, but the body cries out of the need for water. When you would not be able to drink sufficient water, your body will be exposed to dehydration. Studies show, almost 75% of the Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Extreme dehydration will obstruct the function of the organs like brain swelling, kidney failure, etc. Make sure, you drink an adequate amount of water to enough sweat, urinate, keeping bowl movement normal. This will prevent your body from getting dehydrated.

Toxin Release

The daily consumption of clean and fresh water is crucial for releasing toxins out of the body. Toxin release is very important for losing weight and maintaining good health. But, people’s inability to drink fresh water is rising the toxin level in their body, affecting their health and living.

Agriculture And Food Production

While producing crops and grains, contaminated water is strictly prohibited. Since ancient time, people are using fresh and clean water in agriculture. Not, only in agriculture, the processed and canned food industry also require clean water for processing the food in the factory. If the contaminated water gets mixed with crops or food, then diseases will spread, no food or no crops will be safe for human consumption.

Sanitation Hygiene

Besides being indispensable for cooking, drinking, agriculture, food processing, people also need clean water for sanitation purposes. Without having clean water, sanitary hygiene cannot be maintained. If people start using contaminated or polluted water for washing their clothes or body, it would dangerously affect their health, skin, and body.

Food provides energy to our body, but water boosts the energy and immunity level. Water is essential for every little thing we do every day, from quenching our thirst to keeping our lawn greener and vibrant, from taking shower to wash clothes and flush the toilet. It would be absurd to ask what is the most important food on earth? Because we all know the answer; there is no need to go on the debate. It is water. You don’t need to wander around the Himalayas to find spring water. Drink clean and fresh water and help those who are struggling to find fresh water to drink. If you are thinking about how to help such families, Eat2Save will guide you in finding charities to stand beside the people in the need for fresh water.


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