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The changing fashion changes people’s choices. In one year, they would like simple products. While in the other year, they may look for fancy products. The same is the case with extension products. You need to change the packaging boxes with the changing trends. For example, if the target customers demand premium packaging, you need to provide them with that. Otherwise, they are not going to buy your hair extensions. The packaging boxes are easy to modify because they are made of flexible paper materials. Other than that, you can change the way you display your hair extension by changing the shape of the boxes. Moreover, colors and prints also make a major change. Based on these factors, here are some trends regarding boxes of hair extensions.

Cardboard or Kraft boxes?

The choice of packaging materials is quite tricky because you have to choose from many options. But don’t worry, this article is made for you. You can get Kraft or cardboard boxes per your requirements. For example, if you want hangable lightweight Hair Extension Boxes, Kraft material is the best to choose from. To get mailer hair extension packaging, cardboard boxes are good. Both of these boxes are trendy in the market based on their different purposes.

If you want to design premium packaging, it is good to get rigid hair extension packaging boxes. All these packaging boxes are durable, flexible, and recyclable. Therefore, they are trendy among eco-conscious customers. You can get either kind of box depending on your necessities.

Nothing Is Made a Trend Automatically, It Is You Who Set the Trends

Well, it is said that when you make something different and creative, it becomes a favorite and demand of people. Similarly, if you design attractive and durable hair extension boxes that speak for their quality, you can win people’s hearts. However, you need to know about the most popular hair extension packaging boxes to create something unique out of them.

Foldable Boxes

The foldable hair extension boxes are the talk of the fashion market. Hair extensions are usually expensive and people don’t like to use them for once. Therefore, they need packaging boxes that can secure hair extensions for longer periods.

When we talk about foldable boxes, they are easy to open and close. You can use hair extensions and put them in these boxes again for later use. Provide your customers with this kind of easy-to-use box if you want to stay in their hearts. Moreover, these boxes that can store hair extensions for longer periods will make customers remember your brand whenever they use your products. This way, you can get loyal customers just with foldable hair extension packaging.

Hangable Boxes

If you want to display your hair extensions in the minimum space possible, hangable boxes are best for you. You can see these boxes in different makeup, cosmetic, as well as retail stores. These boxes are easy to hang and customers can get their desired products. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about space because these boxes contain a hanger with a hole to hang on the counters.

You can also customize string or rope handles to make these boxes more efficient. Hangable hair extension boxes are also popular because of their unique structure. These boxes are usually rectangular but you can get square, circular, or hexagonal boxes as well for further appeal.

Window Boxes

A window is easy to cut on foldable and hangable hair extension packaging as well. But if we talk about the features of window boxes alone, there are many facts that can surprise you. For example, suppose you got a rectangular hair extension box and cut a simple rectangular window cut on it. It will provide customers with a glimpse of your hair extensions. You can be creative and cut this window in a unique shape to make your packaging distinguishable.

If many brands cut rectangular windows, you can cut triangular or circular to make a difference. But if you also want a rectangular window, the shape, color, and prints of the hair extension window boxes can help you make distinguishable packaging.

Two-Piece Boxes

It does not matter whether you want to get one-piece or two-piece boxes for hair extensions. What matters is the shape and style of these boxes. In the current era, many brands are getting two-piece hair extension boxes. They print and color these boxes using the latest techniques with the help of an expert packaging company. If you also want two-piece boxes, you can get these in custom shapes and sizes.

Take an example of drawer style boxes, these boxes are easy to slide and have the look of hair extensions. Furthermore, they will work as best storage boxes. You can also get hair extension sleeve boxes that are also drawer-like. The unique shape of these boxes will make customers recognize your hair extensions.

Is It the End?

Well, no, obviously. There are many other factors that make trendy boxes for hair extensions. Like many brands get hair extension boxes with logos to advertise their business. They set a theme color scheme for their boxes and then put a brand logo on them. Moreover, the typography and the way you display hair extension is also of great importance. With digital/offset printing, CMYK/PMS color models, embossing, debossing, and gold or silver foiling techniques you can make your custom hair extension packaging boxes popular.

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