Top 8 Reasons to Use AWS Cloud for Magento Hosting


A Magento store’s Hosting setup greatly impacts how well it performs. Each millisecond of processing counts when competition in every e-commerce niche is as fierce as it is. Website performance and speed are among many other aspects that are crucial for your business to grow against its rivals.

AWS has established itself as a top provider of cloud-based, mostly web Hosting services around the globe and has a track record of being a great option for e-commerce development services. When a reliable e-commerce platform like Magento is hosted on a top-notch cloud like Amazon, it is simple to manage and optimize your e-commerce website. Thus, this post will find the top 8 reasons to use AWS Cloud for Magento hosting.

8 Best Motives to Use AWS Cloud for Magento Hosting

Having an e-commerce website alone won’t help your online business succeed in this vast industry of online retailers. To save visitors’ time and effort, a website’s Performance and speed are equally important as given by its cloud.

AWS has many features, further distinguishing it as a top supplier in the cloud sector. Let’s discuss some of these Amazon Cloud capabilities and their benefits for Magento hosting.

Let’s examine the top 8 justifications for using AWS to host your Magento store.

1. High Security

You’d agree that security is the number one concern of every online retailer. With AWS, you won’t ever need to be concerned about how to secure a Magento website. Among Hosting options for your company, AWS is among the most secure. Access to infrastructure is provided via an encrypted environment thanks to its safe cloud computing.

Therefore, you have to explore the services of Dubai Hosting to get professional high-security Magento hosting. Additionally, it has safe reporting, encrypted data storage, built-in defense firewalls, data security, private subnets, attestations, physical security, and certifications, among other things.

2. No compromise on Performance

AWS is more appealing than most other Hosting companies because of its speed. AWS can perform better with its high speed. Amazon also devotes significant resources to updating and maintaining its data centers to provide the greatest infrastructure. They promise an immediate and satisfying resolution to your problems and equip it with remarkably rapid and effective operation management.

3. Deployment Speed

The deployment time is drastically shortened when Magento is hosted on AWS. It usually takes 2-4 days for standard web hosting firms to provide their services and a new server. Furthermore, since you must lease servers for an extended period, adding more memory and hard drive space is typically not an option. Instead of waiting, however, you may nearly immediately begin using and testing your Magento thanks to AWS.

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4. Faster Page Load Times

Numerous developers have evaluated the AWS hosting’s speed and discovered that it might be the most important Magento speed optimization strategy. As a result, there is a cohesive effort, a stable framework, and effective issue management. Thus, even MGT-Magento Commerce’s Hosting plans provide the fastest Magento Hosting, with page loads taking less than 0.3 seconds.

5. Dynamic & Flexible

Every function must be adaptable in this cutting-edge field of internet businesses to make the systems simple to use. Our web stores need to have most of their capabilities adaptable because online businesses are growing quickly. Utilizing Amazon AWS has a lot of advantages, like its flexibility, adaptability, and wide range of functions.

6. Affordable

All types of enterprises can afford AWS. Since you are only required to pay for the services you subscribe to for the specified time, it doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. If your Magento store expands, you can modify your subscription services and server infrastructure based on traffic volume and other needs.

7. Global Data Centres

Amazon provides data centers from around the world to assist e-commerce companies in reaching clients in different parts of the world. For e-commerce businesses looking to go worldwide, this Amazon AWS capability offers several benefits.

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8. Testing and Backup

With AWS, you can virtually immediately begin using and testing Magento. The deployment time for a Magento site powered by Amazon Hosting is greatly reduced. You may duplicate your Amazon instance for backup or testing purposes with just one click. The testing option and the backup feature may be necessary while updating Magento and holding promotional events on your store.

Therefore, you have to explore the services of Dubai Hosting to get reliable Hosting services. It might assist you in managing your website uncertainties and provide the best testing and backup facilities.


Cloud hosting turns out to be a great option for hosting Magento stores. Therefore, you must explore professional Hosting services that meet your business requirements. It might assist you in creating and managing your ecommerce store and you can gain a wide range of benefits.

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