Top 5 Must-do Do Water Activities in the UAE

  1. Aquaventure

Dubai is home to the world’s largest man-made island called The Palm. Located inside the Atlantis, The Palm, Aquaventure is one of the largest water parks in the Emirates. The Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park is home to some of the fun and adrenaline pumping water games and rides. This huge park features unique water rides, private beaches and cool water slides. There is a separate play area for kids too. This water park has something in store for visitors of all groups. While the guests of The Atlantis have free access to the park, other visitors can get daily passes.

  1. Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park located in Jumeirah, next to Burj Al Arab in Dubai, is an outdoor water park. Operated by the Jumeirah International, this water park has two artificial surfing machines, multiple water slides and a heated or cooled wave pool. Ring Rides, Tantrum Alley, Jumeirah Sceirah and Burj Surj are some of the famous water slides in this park. Breakers Bay is the largest wave pool in the entire Middle East. Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon is a play area for children which has 100 water games. There is also a waterfall that is 59 feet tall. For Wild Wadi water park ticket prices, discounts and other information, one can check the website.

  1. Al Boom Diving

This is a must visit spot for all experienced divers and diving enthusiasts who want to explore something unique and new. Located in Dubai, Al Boom Diving is the best diving arena for exploring the city’s vast coastline and come across some of the unique species of the marine world. The Al Boom Diving spot provides diving adventures in the World Coast which is situated 4 KMs away from the Dubai coastline. This World Islands is home to water species such as the angel fish, grouper, clown fish, sting rays and barracudas. Apart from this Al Boom Diving offers specialized packages for experienced divers who have a valid diving license. Also, this place offers diving lessons along with equipment for people who want to learn some diving skills.

  1. Surf House Dubai

Stand up paddle boarding is the current generation’s favorite water sport. Dubai’s fitness experts and enthusiasts are all moving towards this water activity more. Surf House, Dubai located in the city’s Sunset Beach is one of the most popular destination for stand-up paddle boarding. This beach is famous for its calm waters and hence is very famous for this water sport. Also, the Surf House offers easy access to renting out surf boards which is another reason for its popularity. A very easy sport, this requires ten minutes of training and one is all set for paddling. Considered a great exercise, this sport can help one in burning close to 350 calories per hour.

  1. Hydro Water Sports

Hydro Water Sports in Jumeirah Beach Residence offers a water sport that can set the hearts of thrill seekers racing. Called Flyboarding or water jet packing, this adrenaline pumping water activity fits the rider into a small board and straps them to a special backpack that sucks up sea water before it is spit out. This propels the person into the air really high. With a coach besides, this activity ensures that the riders have the ultimate fun.


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