Top 10 London Based App Development Agencies


App development, in the recent years, has paced up in order to satiate the demands of billions of people. People now prefer mobile applications as they are easier and faster to access thereby increasing the popularity of app development in London the market.

Here we are to discuss the top 10 app development companies based in London.

  1. WeDoWebApps

It provides professional services in the IT industry, such as graphics design, web designs and mobile app development for its corporate clients. WeDoWebApps proficiently aims to provide quality solutions and products performing consistently across all platforms.

       2. Fueled

It is an award-winning web and mobile app Development Company providing strategies, unique designs, and development assistance thereby helping its clients to create remarkable applications. The prime focus of Fueled is to create apps that do something rather than selling something.

       3. Hedgehog Lab

It is a global digital product consultancy where software is designed and built for the world’s top class businesses. With more than a 10 years experience, Hedgehog lab is considered to be the most trusted partner of business around the world as it helps in a productive growth, problem-solving, and enhanced services of its clients.

App Development Agencies


   4. AppDrawn Software Development

It is a software making company that builds multi-platform web apps and native mobile apps, absolutely suitable for the clients. All the services are synched seamlessly in the cloud to provide the clients with the latest data to all the smart devices, at any time.

    5. Mubaloo

It is one of the leading mobile consultancies and enterprise app developers across the UK that successfully provides mobile innovation for businesses. It keeps a wealth of talented experts who work across various sectors in developing innovative mobile strategies and beneficial mobile applications.

    6. Tapptidude

Tapptitude focuses on designing and developing app services at every stage of the project. The company has a specialized cell in building full-stack mobile products, with native iOS technologies and Android devices.

    7. Brightec

Being a multi-award winning mobile app development agency based in London sees that the demand of the customers is fulfilled and the clients are satisfied with their services. Brightec and its team are well-known for delivering the best digital products for both iOS and Android.

    8. Waracle

It is the leading solution specialist across the UK, which creates digital solutions for various business sectors. Waracle and its enthusiastic team members go beyond just the concepts in order to innovate and cultivate digital extraordinaries with its business clients.

    9. Magora

At Magora various mobile applications, web applications and similar digital products are designed. The London-based company foresees the future of the product and builds user-centered and interactive designs with scalable software architecture.

    10. The Distance App Developers

It is one of the leading mobile app development companies that specialize in creating intuitive bespoke mobile solutions for its clients. The Distance has its own app optimization backend system ‘the core’ that helps the company in offering a cross-platform for app designing, specifically while using Facebook’s React Native platform.


These are the 10 top-most London-based companies that strive to provide successive and effective services to their business clients across the UK. If you seek for an effective mobile app development for your business, do reach out for these.


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