Say Cheers to Android Auto


The moment we take our vehicles out on the road the foremost thing that comes to our mind is safety. Well, it is not-at-all surprising to know that the biggest automobile competitors (Google, Apple, and other car companies) in the market are striving hard to present their best of services to us and automobile safety being one of the priorities. Safe driving, minimal distractions, right directions all have come under one roof application – Android Auto! Let’s explore more;

What is Android Auto?

It is a designed application keeping your ‘safety first’ in mind. Android Auto comes with an essential tech rule of driving safer by neglecting distractions as per the Google traffic safety. Just like Apple Car Play, it is developed to encourage the automobile users to stay focused on roads along with staying connected with the steering wheel.

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Android Auto: Functioning

Have been realizing the importance of an advanced technology like Android Auto; we must have a brief knowledge about the functioning of the application. So let’s get started:

Say OK Google and you have you Google search assistant right in front of you. Android Auto works in a similar manner. It casts an interface similar to Google Now onto your car’s display system through a USB cable. It can be said that Android Auto application is more of an easier version of Google Now, which provides the user with the freedom of calling hands-free, play phone stored music, ability send messages and use Google maps for sure.

Let’s have a further read about: How to use Android Auto!

To be honest you can use the application in your own desired way. But, to suggest there are two ways to use it effectively.

  1. As a standalone-experience on your smart device or phone
  2. In sync with your car infotainment or radio system

Both the ways have proven to be of essential utility. If you ask me to pick one, I would definitely suggest you to integrate your Android Auto with a compatible touch-screen car radio system for an amazing experience.

Additionally, it can be said that Google has released a dedicated app like Android Auto to enable an effective infotainment system for your automobile. As we have become totally dependent on our smart devices it can be very hard to resist the incoming messages or phone calls while driving. Thus, it is an excellent initiative towards being your smart driving companion. Wouldn’t you agree to this?

Now, let’s have a quick look over the applications that are compatible with Android Auto.

Applications that can be used with Android Auto

  • Scout FM
  • Textra
  • WhatsApp
  • GooglePlay Music
  • Hangouts


We have all heard talking while driving is considered illegal in almost every part of the world. But, I guess we are extremely lucky to be living in a technological era where everything can be made possible. And therefore, for a safer driving experience and letting our eyes on the road, Android Auto can be considered among the most useful applications worldwide.


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