Reasons to Hire an Insurance Agency


Buying insurance sounds like a task because you see numerous ads on TV and learn about different insurance companies and their various products, and this most likely confuses you. But when you find an insurance agent, you wonder whether it is the right move, whether you should trust the insurance agent or do the research on your own.

This blog discusses why you should hire and work with an insurance agency.


Licensed insurance agents have immense knowledge of different insurance companies, their best products, payout policies, premiums, tax-free products, etc. They work with several companies and, thus, are aware of the various options for you. Having different choices, their comparisons, and having an expert insight on what’s the best helps you make the right choice.

Staying abreast of industry trends is also imperative. Insurance agents are always aware of the market and its changes. Their market knowledge is exceptional, and thus, you get the best advice.

Unbiased Advice

Insurance agencies do not have their products to promote. They research and find the best options for you. An independent insurance agency makes a profit no matter which company’s policy they sell; thus, they give you unbiased advice.

A captive agent has his company’s products to promote, which makes him biased towards his own company’s growth, and it makes you end up with a policy that might not be perfect for you.

You can Fulfill all Your Insurance Needs in One Place

Insurance companies do not offer all insurance policies under one roof. For example, some companies only offer life insurance policies; others only offer general insurance and business insurance, while only a handful of companies sell all types of insurance policies.

A captive agent can only offer you products that his company markets, but hiring an insurance agency in Phoenix means you can find all insurance policies under one umbrella. Be it a retirement policy, or life insurance, they have you covered.

Licensed Professionals

Insurance agents are licensed professionals whose job is to make things easier for customers like you who might not have the required knowledge regarding insurance policies.

They must undergo vigorous training and preparation and pass their Arizona Insurance Licensing exam to qualify as insurance agents. Their exam requires them to study different insurance policies, their requirements, tax benefits, etc. In addition, in Arizona state, insurance agents need to complete their Required Insurance Continuing Education Credits to keep their license and offer you the latest information, which keeps them relevant in the changing market.

The experience, education, and research make the agents more credible, reputable, and reliable.

Save Time and Money

People believe buying an insurance policy from a captive agent means they will not charge you extra. Unfortunately, if you believe it too, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Yes, they appear to be more cost-effective, but they do not have a vast portfolio of products to offer, nor do they have time to spare for you.

On the other hand, independent insurance agencies are more dedicated and invest time in understanding your needs and getting you an insurance policy that best suits your needs.

So, to buy an insurance policy more efficiently, hire an independent insurance agency in Phoenix.

Better Customer Service

No doubt, insurance agencies offer better customer service than captive agents. The agency assigns you an agent right away, and you don’t have to wait in the office for hours or listen to an automated machine before getting in touch with a human.

Insurance agencies’ income is dependent on you; thus, they are more customer-oriented. However, a captive agent who sold you a policy once knows that you will be a part of the company for the insurance period, and thus, their level of customer service is poorer than insurance agencies.

They Can Help You with Filing Claims

The job of an insurance agent does not end with selling you an insurance policy. They are your partner for all insurance-related problems, such as filing claims, settling your bills, and other issues, minor or major.

There are numerous insurance-related issues that can be very confusing for the public. Instead of getting frustrated and visiting the insurance office multiple times, having an insurance agency on your side can be much more helpful.

Personalized Policy

A captive agent might not offer you a product fit for you because they have limited products to offer. Hiring an insurance agency in Phoenix helps. Why? Because not every insurance policy has the same premium amount, some insurance policies start as low as $10 a month. An insurance agency listens to your needs, shortlists products that are better suited for you, and explains everything about them so you can choose the right one. Thus, independent insurance agencies can get you the best that you need.


Buying an insurance policy through an insurance agency is easier; because they have your best interests in mind, making them more dedicated to serve you. What are you waiting for? Hire and work with an insurance agency now!

Written by Heroes Financial

Heroes Financial Group provides best available solutions in health, medicare, long-term care, and life insurance, annuities, retirement and asset protection, retirement and financial planning, debt management and solutions, college savings plans, business owner employee benefits and bonus plans, and tax-advantaged and tax-free plans for retirement, rollovers of old qualified retirement plans for consolidation. Visit us today to secure your future!

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