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When you want to watch free anime online, the name of the best website will always be AnimeFreak. The other top free anime websites are AnimeSeason 2. Let’s see why they are the best in their categories. Let’s begin with the former.

These websites have attractive user interfaces, free of annoying pop-ups and ads. They allow you to watch anime and cartoons in their entirety, and they are also captioned. One downside is that they don’t have a search bar, but they list their shows by status instead.

Name of Websites


AnimeFreak is an excellent free anime website that allows you to watch new episodes and manga. You can browse through the list of new releases, reviews, and comics. You can also use the search bar to quickly find a show. You can watch any episode or manga series for free, and it has regular updates. While AnimeFreak is free, you may find it more convenient to register and use a paid subscription.

AnimeFreak is compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets and phones. Users outside the US must use a VPN to watch the videos. This streaming service is also available on Apple TV and Android.

It is important to note that Hulu is not available in all regions, so it’s important to use a VPN to watch it. Another good free anime website is AnimeLab. This site works with multiple anime sites to stream high-quality videos. It also supports almost all device platforms, including PCs and tablets.

In addition to displaying updated series and new movies, AnimeFreak has a menu that makes it easy to find your favourite anime. AnimeFreak also offers a list of ongoing and past Anime, categorized by genre. A quick search for a specific series can save you a lot of time. You can find popular Anime, new releases, and even watch episodes you have missed.


Crunchyroll is another great free anime website that lets you watch the latest episodes of anime. In addition to anime, this website also hosts manga. All content on Crunchyroll is free, but if you’d prefer to watch premium original content, you can upgrade to the premium version and have the ads removed. Also, Crunchyroll’s interface is clean, and the service is interactive, so you can share and discuss your favourite anime.


9Anime is a unique free anime website. You can stream new episodes of popular anime and manga series. The site offers high-quality streaming and is available in major regions around the world. You can watch dubbed or subbed anime episodes from 9Anime for free. Just like AnimeFreak, you don’t need to register or log in to watch anything on the site.


If you are a huge anime fan and don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can stream anime on AnimeSeason for free. This site offers a large database of anime series and films, with dubbed versions available for some titles. It also has a chat and discussion section where users can interact with each other and post their thoughts about the latest anime.

The website features a large collection of anime, which is updated frequently. There are no annoying ads and you can download the content to watch offline. You can easily navigate the website and search for your favourite shows with its advanced search box. It also features a full alphabetical list of all available titles, enabling you to find just what you’re looking for. You can also search for different genres and languages, and enjoy anime in HD quality.

AnimeSeason is a top choice for newcomers and veterans alike, as it features an archive of over one million episodes. AnimeSeason features English subtitles and a countdown timer that lets you know when a new series is going to be released. It is also one of the best free anime streaming sites, offering both classic and new anime.

If you’re a fan of shojo, you’ll find a wide selection of titles on AnimeSeason. You can even request specific anime for the site. AnimeSeason also offers a quick search option and has a community for people who are over 18.

If you’re not into subs, you can also view dubbed and subbed titles. You can also rate the series while you watch them. If you don’t feel like watching an ad-supported anime website, Hulu is the next best choice. This website offers a free one-month trial on Amazon Prime Video. It is also possible to download some series.

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