Most Popular Indian Traditional Clothing

Most Popular Indian Traditional Clothing

All around the world, India is famous for its variety, flavours and jewellery. Not just that, but India’s ethnic clothing has also received distinctive veneration from other countries. It can correctly be stated that these clothes have developed within the distinct topography of India – every state in India has its specific ethnicity and traditions, which has aided in paving a path towards diverse types of conventional attire. The tribute, though, goes to the artistes that have shaped these outfits, demanding a truly meticulous workforce and whole lot of care to various facets, with such amazing artistry. Let’s discuss few of these handy works and get to appreciate the style of fashions and elaborations each dress has established.


One of the most breath-taking customary outfits of India, Saree is perhaps the dress that defines and portrays an Indian lady. When speaking about Indian women, it makes you imagine a lovely lady dressed in a magnificent saree.

What exactly is a saree? It is essentially a 4 to 9 meters of untailored cloth that a woman wraps on her body in various different styles. The most usual dressing style is draping the sari across the waist with the pallu (one end) obliquely arranged to one side concealing the chest. Beneath the sari, women garb a petty coat or a blouse, which is a formfitting crop top.

Salwar Kameez

Universally mentioned to as a Punjabi suit, the salwar kameez is an astoundingly modest ensemble, which reflects a very elegant appearance. Generally, the salwar denotes a slack fitting pyjama, tape redact the bottom and broad upper region, with folds at the waist, held up by a string or a stretchy belt.

Lehenga Choli or Ghagra Choli

Renowned utmost in Northern India like UP, MP, Rajasthan and Gujarat, lehenga choli or ghagra choli is perhaps the favourite of all women of India. This old-fashioned outfit with its exceptional panache and flair is certainly merits the appreciation and standing it has accomplished.

If you are residing in India, then surely you are aware that all of these ethnic Indian outfits are a must edition to your wardrobe and in case you want to give something new a shot, then attempt the contemporary appearances of these conventional dresses, to be in tune with the newest styles and trends, whilst appearing as lovely as ever.

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