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Lisa is pretty diverse in her knowledge and is prominently more concerned with social affairs and issues than her associates, which has led her to distance herself from her companions.

Lisa also strongly values her honesty, sometimes at the cost of others’ needs and pleasure. Notwithstanding her intelligence, Lisa has received detention, like her brother Bart, quite a number of events, usually because of her stubborn and seldom harsh attitude and antisocial behavior that is capable of very embarrassing authority figures.

Although her revolt against social standards is normally valuable, Lisa can be insane, evil, and feisty at times.

When she considers herself to be right she won’t accept that others could be as well, and will usually force her beliefs onto others.

Lisa’s first word was her brother’s name ”Bart” at two years of age. Despite her high IQ, cuteness and charm, Lisa does have standard childhood problems, sometimes requiring adult interference.

She once tricked Homer into letting her ride a bus alone, just to become dismally lost.


Lisa’s skin’s color is yellow, eyes are blue (although the pupils look like 2 black dots), and yellow, “starfish” hair that is styled into points and matches the color of her skin.

She is normally seen wearing a red dress with a zigzag edge, matching red shoes, and a white pearl necklace which was given to her by Marge.

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She owns two different outfits for church and family trips: a maroon long-sleeved dress with a collar and magenta pumps for the church, and a pink short-sleeved dress with a deeper pink belt and collar with pink Mary-Jane shoes, and she seldom wears a wide-brimmed hat with the very color scheme with it.

At night, she wears a greenish-blue nightgown with a frilly white collar and matching cuffs, as well as greenish-blue footwear. she wears a maroon or red swimsuit for swimming.


Lisa is a very smart girl, far surpassing the criteria of a third grader especially in Springfield. As smart as she is, her family never encouraged her abilities and her school lacked the resources to bloom her IQ more but overall Lisa has the most assuring and promising future.

In an argument, Lisa’s moral and reasonable viewpoint almost always gives her the ethical high ground, her family also understand that Lisa is normally correct whenever they do something unethical but Homer’s inclination to neglect her, uses the justification of age to send her to the room when they discern that they are in the wrong.  

Because of her bookish and quiet nature, Lisa is considered to be a nerd at her school. A teacher’s favorite and proud of it, she is portrayed as an introvert with a small circle of friends and those she does have are as much as a nerd as she is.

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~ Milhouse stated that Lisa’s eyes are gray. But, according to Spud in “Bart Carny”, Lisa’s eyes are said to be blue. which either means that Milhouse is apparently color-blind or just clearly wrong.

~ Although Lisa is always desperate for a boy, she never seems to remember that she has been in a relationship with Colin and many others.

~ Her relationship with Nelson has been discussed or referred to throughout the show.

~ She is a member of Mensa and PETA.

~ Like her siblings, she is of French, Scandinavian, and Native American family.

~ She was the first identified Simpson in the show and is the only character whose name is mentioned in the episode ”Good Night”.

~ In the episode ”Treehouse of Horror XX”, it is shown that Lisa’s godmother is Helen Lovejoy.

~ Lisa is allergic to dust and pollen, mainly from plants in Cypress Creek.

~ Until Lisa converted a vegetarian, fried shrimp was referred to as her favorite food.

~ Lisa is the only Simpson child character to appear in every single episode.

~ she is right-handed.

~ Even in episodes after she becomes a vegetarian, there are few situations where her plate has meat.

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~ Once, Lisa became an insectivore.

~ Lisa is the name of one of the Simpsons character creator Matt Groening’s sisters.

~ In the Tracey Ullman Show shorts, Lisa was more of a “female Bart” and was as prankish, naughty and mischievous as her brother.


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