How to Stop Leaks from Your Roof?

Roof leaks are relatively easy to notice. You may find water dripping from bulges or water stains that run down the ceiling through the walls, may indicate leaks. Tracking down leaks is not the hard part as you will find signs of leaks easily. However, these leak patches may be visible only once the situation is aggravated. If you undertake roof restoration in Melbourne regularly, it will help you detect leaks in the initial stage.

In either case, if you find leakage, there’s no need to panic. But, it would help if you acted quickly by fixing the issue immediately. It would restrict further damage and restore your roof’s health. If ignored even for a short time, it might lead to big problems such as mould, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings. If you deal the right way, the damages and subsequent repairs would be minimal.

Symptoms of roof leaks can vary from subtle to obvious. Some of the signs you must look for to detect roof leaks are stated below.

  • Water leaking through your ceilings.
  • Water Stains running through your ceiling to the walls, visible as water streaks.
  • Water stains in the dark corners of the wall may indicate a pooling of water.
  • Your ceiling walls are starting to develop or have developed algae, moss or mould.
  • Water spots on exterior walls of your structure.
  • You notice missing tiles in the downspouts.
  • Roof tiles have cracked or buckled up, creating a pathway for water to seep in.

These are signs that you may notice through visual inspection of your structure. However, there are signs of water leaks that might not be visible to the eyes. To handle the leaks which can’t be detected visually must be handed to expert roofers for a fix.

Tips to stop leaks

  • Place a bucket under the ceiling through which water is dripping to contain water.

It would help if you positioned your buckets under the leaking spot on your ceiling. It will help contain water from spreading across the house. However, this is just an alternative till the time a team of roof repairs Frankston arrive to fix it.

  • Protect your Possessions

Firstly, you must protect your possessions from water damage. Once you notice such a leak, immediately move the electronics, rugs, furniture and other possessions away from the spot. If you cannot move the furniture or any other item, cover them with plastic sheets.

  • Soak up the Water

You must attempt to soak up as much water as possible with towels or mops. Turning on the fan would also be helpful as it will help dry out the area and prevent mould or algae from growing. Formation of mould, moss or algae will affect the health of the residents of the house.

  • Call a Professional Roofers to Fix the Problem

The stated solutions are for a short fix. If you don’t take any action against such leaks, your roof’s longevity may be affected severely. It may also lead to massive damage to the property, posing a danger to the residents. This is why it’s essential to get professional help as soon as possible.

However, you must hire the right roofers to handle your roofs. Before hiring anyone, we recommend you make sure the roofers are licensed with adequate knowledge. Experience in the industry with happy customer testimony will be the best way to analyse.

Written by Modern Seal Roofing

We have 25 years of experience in repairing and restoring roofs in Melbourne. We are qualified and our work is guaranteed for 10 (TEN) Years.

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