How to choose the right fashion accessories?


Accessories are everything you carry or wear except clothes. This includes shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and many other things. These things are helpful in personalizing your look. Choosing an outfit is not a difficult task, but it is very difficult to choose fashion accessories that will go well with your clothes. Every woman wants to be like those few women who can effortlessly choose the accessories on any type of clothes. Accessories if picked correctly can enhance your look. If you be creative with your accessories, you can flaunt completely different look every time with the same outfit. Here is a detailed list of a few things which will help you choose the right accessories.

  1. Complementary colours- It is recommended to choose the accessories that are complementary to the colour of your complexion and outfit. Don’t try to do perfect matching. By wearing a pink dress with pink shoes and a pink bag, you will look very strange. It makes you look more attractive if you are wearing more than one colour at a time, but make sure these two colours don’t clash with each other. You can pair your dresses of colours brown, red, purple and orange with golden coloured accessories. Silver tones accessories can go well with gray, blue and pink colours.

How to choose the right fashion accessories

2.Size of the accessories- These days, accessories comes in very big as well as regular and small sizes. The new fashion trend is of wearing big earrings, heavy neckpieces and many other things. However, you must choose the size of the accessory based on your size. If you are on the little bit heavier side and wear a skinny belt, it will make you look fatter. So, choose the accessories that suit your figure. The selection of bags should also be done carefully. If you are a small person, never carry a tote. If you are doubtful about what to choose as per your size, go for the average size accessories.

3.Age is an important factor to consider- Similar to choosing your clothes, you must consider your age while choosing accessories. If you wear accessories that are too youthful, it is highly possible that people don’t take you seriously and if you be too conservative for your age, you will remove that fun element from your style statement. It is really difficult to choose the right accessory as per the age and you can achieve perfection only with the practice. So, try different things every day and see what suits you the best.

How to choose the right fashion accessories

  1. Occasion- The choice of fashion accessories should also be done depending upon the occasion in which you are going to wear it. Whether it is a dinner party or a casual get together or a professional meeting, right selection of accessories can change your look beautifully. So, consider the occasion and then make the selection.
  2. Less is more- Don’t get carried away wearing so many accessories at a time. It can spoyour entire look. If you are confused about what to wear, try and wear simple but classic elements. They will always look perfect.

How to choose the right fashion accessories

If you consider the above mentioned things, you will definitely get the best accessories suitable for your figure, age, colour and outfit.


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