How to build an app like Uber?



Uber app is a very reliable, convenient, and quite affordable taxi service app that was launched in 2010. It is a location-based app which automatically calculates fare of the drive from your location to the destination of your ride. At the end of your trip, the app asks you to rate the taxi driver from 1 to 5 Stars. This app has been developed to run on both iOS and Android platforms. There are a lot of happy users in the world who have availed this awesome taxi service. Uber adopts a brilliant market strategy. In order to encourage new customers to avail this service, Uber gives 50% discount for the first ride. Uber app also provides the facility of choosing the luxury car as desired by the passenger.

Payment method:

This app uses PayPal’s service to scan credit card on iOS.  You just need to hold your card in front of your mobile’s camera. The app reads your card numbers and automatically fills the required information. But with Android, you have to manfully enter the card information. You can also choose to pay by cash, debit card, or mobile wallets.

This article provides the necessary guidelines to develop a magnificent app like Uber.

App development approach:

First, you need to build a basic version of the app and then analyze the market carefully. After noting the possible improvements for the rider’s and driver’s app, you can modify the app with the required advanced set of features. This approach will definitely save your time.

Besides this, you should incorporate these features into your Uber-like app-

  • Nice visuals and graphics
  • Smooth UI/UX designs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time functionality

App development structure:

Uber-like app is made up of three mobile apps which are Admin app, Driver app, and Customer app. You can install this app on your mobile so that you get familiar with all the necessary features that you have to include in your new app.

1. Customer app features:

The main features of customer app include:

Track a ride: The passengers can use this option to track the ride by using the map integrated in the app. Track Service History: It provides a report of the rides of passengers in a particular period.

Fare Estimation: It allows passengers to have an approximate idea of the taxi fare depending upon their pick up and drop location. The app algorithm calculates the exact fare at the end of the ride considering factors like the car chosen, time taken by the passenger if he stops at some destinations during the ride, etc.

Rider security: Panic button on the app can be pressed if the rider is in some sort of trouble in the journey. It sends notifications to Uber officials, nearest police station and the concerned family members of the rider.

The app users can also book a taxi for others. In case of multiple passengers in the same taxi, the fare can be paid individually using the split charges option of the app. In this case, the app calculates the fare on the basis of pickup and drop location of each passenger.

2. Driver App Features:

The major features are:

Driver delivery report: It provides a summary of the driving style of a driver in a particular period. Those who drive smooth, continue their services while those who often drive rash can be removed from their service.

 Route optimization: This option allows the driver to choose the best route to reach the destination quickly.

Cancellation window: It is the waiting time of a driver. When the driver reaches the location of passenger at the time then first two minutes are non-chargeable for passengers.

 Hire maps: It enables drivers to know about the locations where there are more passengers.

Besides these features, the app also allows driver to accept request for another ride while he is still doing his current ride. This saves the driver’s time and he can earn more money.


You can now develop an Uber-like app. You can include the most used features in the app and some advanced features as required for your app. A team of experienced mobile app developers can definitely make an Uber app clone.

Author Bio:

Paru Saxena, Sales head at TechIngenious – A Mobile app development company in Jaipur. Writing is my passion and I am writing from the past 5 years. However, my experience lies in digital marketing and web development.  I have a proven track of record in sales & business development with leading organizations. When I am free, I like to observe nature in its wide diversity of forms.


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