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How Freshteam can give you better employee experience over google hire

Google has a solution for every modern-day business problem. For the small and medium scale businesses who want a complete solution for the job distribution, identification and attracting new talent, developing a strong relationship with candidates, setting up and conducting the interviews – overall to handle all the recruitment related issues Google has introduced Google Hire applicant tracking system.

This tool has offered an automated system to the HR managers. Managers can now find the best candidates by connecting with them through LinkedIn, GitHub, and other plenty of different social media sites. However, if we compress the Google hire features from the employee’s point of view, then there aren’t many options available. This tool has some shortcomings at the employee end such as –

  • When job hunters are looking for the new job, then they want trustworthy job opportunities, but as this Google tool retrieves data from other sites, that’s why the authenticity factor is compromised here.
  • Google gives preference to job sites over the employer’s career center; thus, it becomes difficult to search the original jobs title on this tool.
  • Doing the exact search for the job title and the job location doesn’t reveal the precise rank of the job on Hire.

So, this is clear that Hire has numerous flawless and can’t offer a satisfactory employee experience. To overcome this significant shortcoming, HR needs to look for the best google Hire alternative.

The Best Available Alternative for Hire

When HR managers want the best employee experience, then they have to adopt Freshteam without any doubt. Freshteam is a modern-day recruitment tool that is packed with a variety of features that can enhance the employee experience. This tool is the upmost close google Hire alternative because of multiple reasons, and some of them are –

  1. Elegant automation process 

Well, HR managers were moving towards Hire due to its sleek automation system. But, when they are getting an even better automation system with the employee experience from Freshteam, then why would they use Hire. With the Freshteam, an elegant recruitment automation process is offered named Autopilot. In this feature, managers can run automatic candidates screening, send them email notifications when they clear particular recruitment stage, evaluate rejection and pass letters based on candidates scores, archive exceptional candidates from the talent pool, set up webhooks and much more.

  1. Restricted Control 

Freshteam is a powerful tool that guards sensitive information of the company. A company has numerous confidential information which they can’t share with every employee. Such as information related to the pay rate of every employee is something which is highly sensitive information and should be only accessed by the HR and managers. Freshteam gives the feature where a company can hide certain information from some employees. The restricted control helps companies in running their operations smoothly.

  1. Employees pool

During the recruitment process, HR might meet some exceptional candidates who may not be the proper fit for the present job as they are overqualified for the current role. So, Freshteam offers the feature where HR can save them for the later and add them to the talent pool where they can be tagged as per skills, job suitable for them, certifications, etc., This way employers can easily reach these candidates when they have an adequate opportunity for them. For the companies, the talent pool is a safe place where they can search for the best candidates for the job quickly. It is an excellent way to ensure that the best candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

  1. Manage external vendors

In Google Hire, the external recruiters of the company have to be part of the main domain or have to get a Gsuite license to be part of the HR software of the company. But, not with Freshteam, as it can handle them exclusively under the vendor management tab and give them access to the job for which they are hiring only. The external vendors can view or follow up on the status of the candidates, and the company’s HR department can see the information of the referred candidates also.

  1. Free trial

Before actually purchasing the Freshteam, users can sign up for the free trial and understand the features. Freshteam offers a free trial to the teams with less than 50 users.

Overall, Freshteam is the best Google Hire alternative as it overpowers all the limitations of the Hire and offers the best employee experience. Moreover, companies can quickly move their entire data from Hire to Freshteam easily. Freshteam can quickly mitigate your aggregate data from your Hire to Freshteam account with one click. So, Freshteam is the best alternative for unsatisfied Hire users.


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