Custom Cookie Boxes – Ultimate Solution for Bakery Business


At a bakery have you ever turned your head to a box which is so beautifully done that you can’t get your eyes off it? That even without tasting the food item that is lying inside it you just want to buy the box for the sake of its mind-blowing customization. Well, this is exactly what a cookie box designer aims for! The cookie itself may not be as enticing as the custom cookie boxes are which makes you want to get your hands on.

Benefits Of Using Customize Cookie Boxes

Getting maximum customer’s attention in such a competitive environment is not an easy job to do. There are so many things that will communicate with your clients and good packaging is one of them. Whether you are running a home based business or a local business, you must emphasize on the packaging. Some of the few suggestions for customization in support of cookie boxes are as follows:

Cookie Boxes

  • Divider boxes- These boxes are available in all sizes and they come with partitions induced in them. This gives quite a neat look to your box and you can put in cookies of different taste and color in each partition. It looks unique and also helps in maintaining the shape and topping of the cookies, preventing them from crushing.
  • Clear windows cookie box-In these types of boxes the cookies which lie inside can be seen through plastic sheets on the lids of the boxes. As you can see the cookies from inside so it gives customers more satisfaction as the product they want is exactly as desired. They can also check the freshness and quantity of the product this way. This is a source of attraction for retail sellers and for custom boxes wholesale that can assure the quality and will not have to make extra advertisements to attract customers.
  • Clear cookie custom cookie boxes-The specialty of these boxes is that they are totally transparent. The windows provide a half view of the cookies inside but a clear box with its side clear walls can provide a 3D view of the cookies from inside. This is beneficial for the manufacturer as well as it doesn’t need a lot of customization on the box. Usually, just the logo is enough to satisfy the buyers as they can see clearly what is inside the box and can trust its quality.
  • Eco-friendly cookies boxes-These are usually made with kraft material which is recyclable and reusable. The customer who takes this cookie box can utilize the box again and it decomposes back to the soil to be used by plants on discarding. Overall this cuts down on the pollution and is a huge attraction for green-loving buyers.
  • Boxes with handles-This is a great innovative idea for cookie boxes. The availability of handles can make it like the takeout boxes. Thus it can easily be used to transport the box anywhere as it is easier to handle.

Different verities of custom designed and styled cookie boxes confer glamour and attraction to marts and retail store shelves. Packaging can work like magic for the products packed inside them. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand, and if you can put that into a custom cookie box customization, it’s a win situation for your bakery business all the way!

Custom Boxes As Gifts

Cookie Boxes

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year or a birthday, Cookies are something no one can reject for presents. The custom cookie boxes serve to be ideal for every occasion. As they are available in a number of different shapes, sizes, and colors they are suitable for any festival of the year. The utmost priority of bakery businesses is to make their products looks as eye appealing and charming as possible. These amazing and colorful boxes can be used as a great décor for the cookies themselves. Moreover, confectionary items like cookies are some of the treats people love to gift and receive on several important events and festivals of the year. Biscuit and brownie boxes are widely used at bakeries, restaurants, and homes. Not only do these add beauty to the cookies itself but the ways they are customized represent several genres of taste and quality.

The Custom Boxes Wholesale

Wholesale boxes are beneficial to the customers as well as manufacturers and retailers. Buyers all around the world love discounts and buying custom boxes wholesale is something they all look forward to. Customized boxes if available in wholesale can increase your sales drastically! In fact, it is actually the ultimate solution for bakery owners!


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