Confused while buying your first car How to select your first Car


Checklist before selecting your first car:

Car is a necessity before luxury not only in Ireland but in other parts of the world too. Traveling to your college or office every day in public conveyance might be troublesome especially when your office/college is far or when you work in night shifts when the public conveyance is not easily available. For a few people car is a status symbol. The quick purchase of the latest and the costliest car is their tendency. They can flaunt their dear possession with pride. But that doesn’t mean those who buy medium-range or economical cars cannot show off. Every car is priceless for the owner because of the emotions attached. People are more emotionally attached to their first car.  The first car must be carefully chosen so that it can give you a pleasurable experience for everlasting memories. The buyer shall do his homework well for buying a worthy car before dreaming to flaunt it. If you are also planning to buy your first car and are confused about which one to finalize out of plenty of available options, then here is a checklist you can go through to help you make your final decision:

  • Assess your requirements: Assess your requirements of the car as in what is the chief purpose of buying it viz. going up down to college/office or using it as a cab or as a stepping stone of status or for any other utility. Accordingly, you can choose a petrol/diesel/electric car. Car features required by you shall also be considered while listing down your requirements. Furthermore, how many passengers will mostly travel in your car will enable you to select a 2 seater car, 5 seater car, 7 seater car and so on. Specially designed cars for physically challenged people are also available in the market.
  • Brand: You can select your car on the basis of your favorite brand or a renowned brand so that you can rest assured about the superior technology and quality for the parts used in the car along with services of the brand.
  • Model: Once you have selected the brand you want to own, it’s time to select the model of that make. There are various models varying by size, space, interior, design, accessories, technical specifications, and other features. You must shortlist the one which appeals to you most or after mapping the model with your requirements. You can also shortlist 2-3 models of multiple makes, do a comparative study and then finalize the one giving you value for money.
  • Color: Every car company serves many colors in each model. You can choose the one that pleases you most.
  • Cost: It is a major factor that could determine the selection of the car. A car which doesn’t burden your pocket and fulfills all your requirements is certainly the right choice. Also, a car which demands a low maintenance cost is also preferred.

You may buy any car, but one common thing that must not be missed while buying any car is car insurance. Car insurance Ireland is a necessary cover that will safeguard you and your car while driving on road. A car insurance Ireland and in rest of the world facilitates monetary support in the event of theft, accident, damage to the car due to other reasons. Thus, drive with peace and security in mind after buying car insurance. Just like you have to be very careful while buying a car, care must also be taken to choose the type of insurance cover you are opting for with an established insurance company. A dependable car insurance cover is one which gives you and your car maximum coverage including reimbursement of the maintenance charges, car rental/hotel rental charges in case of car breakdown, repair cost, car damage claims, theft claims, etc. Your dedicated helping buddy at the insurance company can guide you to select a suitable insurance cover. Do not forget to associate with a reliable car insurance company only so that you may not have trouble at the time of buying or renewing a policy and at the time of making claims. Britton Insurance is one such renowned car insurance organization which serves car insurance cover in Ireland. They give special attention to lending a helping hand to the customer at the hour of need.


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