Brand Awareness in Traditional and Digital Marketing

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You are not the first business owner to know of the words “marketing”, “advertising” and “Brand Awareness” etc. Measuring brand awareness has been crucial in both traditional and digital marketing. The traditional marketing includes billboards at such an area of the city that receives the maximum traffic so all kinds of people can get familiar with it and later visit a particular business. Methods of traditional marketing also include print advertisements, flyers, billboards or pamphlets, TV, newspaper, radio, etc. In this type of marketing techniques, there are no absolute rulers to measure about return on investment of a business. But it is also believed that traditional marketing has its own proven rate. Ways like witnessing a random surge of customers’ right after the placement of your business billboard signifies that something worked spot on. This marketing technique is still practiced and is considered an efficient one even now.

Now in the digital times, all of us have a billboard of our own. Yes, you heard it right. In-fact right now where you are reading this piece of writing is also a billboard. The evolution from billboards on the roads to billboards in your pocket is just real. Marketing has rapidly evolved and the field of marketing has got another domain name “Digital Marketing”. Now Digital Marketing has a world of its own. It’s has several sub-domains and aspects but almost all of them needs a reporting tool to the brand awareness could be measured.  Let’s take a quick look at what is brand awareness?

To simply define it, brand awareness is how well customers recognize and recall your brand.

A good brand recall would be having customers that are spontaneously able to remember the name of your brand and recall it. The similar term, “Brand recognition” is also based on the customer’s ability to identify a brand considering it apart from others. A disclaimer here is that it does not necessarily mean that customers are going to remember the name of the brand, but only they’re able to recognize it. When it comes to Brand recall and brand recognition, they both are significant aspects of brand awareness.

Why do you need to know about brand awareness?

Brand awareness plays a crucial role in consumer decisions. It is an influential catalyst. When customers are exposed with several options, brand awareness makes your brand a little more obvious than others. This helps consumers in making decisions like ‘I want that one dress – paired with the one with the red scarf.

Referring back to both traditional and digital methods, here are a few ways brands can use to measure brand awareness.

This includes conducting:

  • Brand Awareness Surveys
  • Tracking certain Types of website traffic over time
  • Monitoring mentions of your brand with social listening
  • Media monitoring

There are several media monitoring tools that run deep searches across the internet to find out conversations that mention your brand over the web. Important metrics like the volume of mentions of your business, its levels of engagement, and social media reach can be measured using the reporting tools as all of this help you measure awareness for your brand.

Being a business owner I have used several reporting tools to measure how my brand awareness and return on investment is doing and it won’t be wrong to call PPCexpo has topped the domain because of its extra ordinary reporting tool. In 2019, if one has to measure their performance than nothing will be better than exploring the expensive library of PPCexpo to run a report according to customized needs.


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