Android users versus iOS users in technical world


In today’s era the non debatable topic among techies is which one is better iOS or Android? The choice varies from person to person and device to device but no one bother to accept the real fact when having a choice between two of them.

Being into this field from past 9 years i have experience this personally and can able to judge vast difference between them. The reason why i can confidently say because i have personally use both devices and undoubtedly can say that Android is far far better compare to flexibility and scalability using iOS. The main difference comes into picture when the installation of pre-development apps which we use for testing before submitting to client further.

Whenever the applications are developed inhouse, we have a team of pre qualified developers who test the built into various devices and the first choice they prefer is generally to test on Android as such we can able to create a test built or a installation file of app which can be directly install into the devices. We can simply generate diawi link and send across any users to install into their android devices.

Where it comes to iOS testing there are some limitations when testing comes. First of all there are limited no. of devices in iOS and in order to install the files we need UDID of devices on which it has to be tested. This is mandatory thing and there is no alternative we have other than this. So in case if we need to send across to multiple devices, we have to get the UDID of all and install it accordingly.

So when there is search of mass applications and quick time durations, Android is always prefer to be the best choice among iOS devices.

Also, OS wise Android does have various libraries and methodology for implementing into the app when we are developing any feature or functionality in App compare to things available in iOS market place.

Device wise when we compare iOS Apple device with Android, though the number of devices are almost in ration of 90:10 but that is the advantage we get to test on multiple platforms compare to only single oriented platform.

Overall, if we take a list of advantages of Android over iOS we can able to get thousands of them and it can take whole day to put into a list.

Anyway this is just a simple generic comparison which i have highlighted above to get a clarification on the current market scenario.

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