Android Basics and its World class Development!


Technology has become a mandatory aspect for every person on this planet. And, when we talk about technology the first picture striking the pose must be of a Smart Device. Isn’t it?

But, have you ever wondered what makes these smart devices work?

What are behind the scenes of these devices providing amazing features?

Making a random guess won’t help! The answer has to be the ‘operating system’ and there are several types of operating systems having a cut throat competition in the market, like Android, iOS, and Windows.

In this article, I will discuss android specifications and its development since it was first developed. So, let’s start with a brief introduction of android.

What is android?

Knowingly or unknowingly we have all come across the green colored robotic caricature, which dutifully represents ‘Android’ as a mobile operating system. It is based on the abated version of the Linux kernel and is specially designed for touch-screen mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets.




If you think that Android is restricted to a few thousands of phones and tablets, you are wrong. As soon as we have started implicating IP addresses to the inanimate objects it’s all around us; be it your wrist, living area, your car, camera, in every basic need you can imagine. It is indeed a huge ground, which can be difficult to cover for even an experienced android developer.

What lies to the core of such a unique concept? Who is involved in the making process of Android?

Here’s some information about the android development companies and how they have developed and maintained the uniqueness of Android.


In 2003, Android was first developed by android Inc. which was then took over by Google in 2005. It has been almost a decade and Google has not only surprised the world with the useful versions of android but has also won the hearts of millions of its users. Fascinatingly, there are almost one million of android applications on Google Play, excluding the Amazon App Store or the markets in which we are least concerned, like China. There is a wild popularity of messaging apps but the free games available tear up the hit list.

As per the statistics, Android covers a larger market than iOS and why not!


Android across the world

The emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, and UK have developed huge amount of apps that are used by several Android owners across the world. Undoubtedly, the app development market has naturally flourished with several app developers in London and beyond.

There lies a strong app development market in the UK, forecasting the revenues to be beyond 31 billion pounds in the upcoming 5 years. Almost one-fifth of European android applications are UK based and most of them cluster around London.

Fig: Location of App Development Companies in the UK

Additionally, research from Google has revealed that the UK leads the largest app development market across Europe. It contributes more than a third of revenues generated from the mobile software industries to the nation’s economy. It is further stated that about half of the UK app developers and designers generate their income from app designing and other half see it as their hobby.


Though technology has made us a little lethargic, we can say that android app development has made our lives easier and the newer versions never let us down. There is a unique and an established connection with android that makes us feel home while using our smart devices.


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