4 Things To Know Before Selecting A Food Grade Transportation Company


What is a food grade transportation company and how do they work? Food grade transportation companies are companies who offer transportation of liquids and food in bulk from one destination to another. They specialize in delivering the food, liquid, or both through placing them into the food transportation company’s owned trucks and transporting them to the right destination at the time that was scheduled by the company’s carriers or customers. Now, if you are looking to select a food transportation company, look no further, as this article will tell you 4 things you need to know before selecting a food transportation company that suits and meets your needs.

Temperature Safety

Before selecting, you must make sure that the food grade transportation companies you research, know the safe temperatures for food and liquid when transporting the goods. There are foods and liquids that have to be refrigerated and others that have to be frozen; therefore, they must all be placed with their appropriate temperatures. As we all know it only takes warmth, moisture, punctures, and time to make bacteria multiply. Temperature safety ties directly with our next topic that is extremely important and can ruin the foods and liquids. Believe it or not, some companies use old trucks that do not have the proper working equipment to keep the foods cool or frozen, so you must do your research.

Handling and Contamination

The food grade trucking companies must have their trucks free of debris and odors before they load. The presence of any debris or odors may cause contamination in the goods being brought in. If you have either bulk or snack goods that you want to transport then you must be careful and communicate with the company about over handling. Overhanding of products with bags are fragile and may snap or rip or puncture holes, and this can be an issue. If these issues and problems arise then contamination can also occur at that moment as well.


Temperature and handling of the products go hand in hand with the quality of the delivered foods and liquids as well as the quality of the company’s service. Make sure you check their operating hours and delivery as well as appointment scheduling and receiving a confirmation. Food grade trucking companies and their employees need have these couple of qualities to get the best service and results for your shipment. These are as follows:

-Make sure there is good communication between you and the employee who delivers

-They should deliver on the time scheduled

-The employees should be professional

-They mustn’t have old trucks that do not have freeze-ability or controlled temperature transportation equipment that is necessary


Lastly, costs must be compared to other food transportation companies when researching them. Doing a little investigation by checking their websites and reviews by other consumers online can assist you in making your decision. Additionally, this can also help you as you can compare the quality and results of the work from the transportation companies with the price that they charge. Now that you have learned to consider these 4 tips in helping you choose the right food transportation company, here is a company that you can consider looking into, all-freight.com. All-freight is a transportation company that has been in business since 1978. They specialize in transporting and delivering food and liquids in bulk. In particular, they transport milk, whey, oils, and cream freight. All-freight claims that their mission is to serve customers with the best customer service possible and to handle every account with a digression, protecting both privacy and confidentiality.


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